Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Costumes from Costume Supercenter

With Halloween coming closer,everyone is scrambling to find the perfect costume for their little ones.I know kids can be picky,and that just makes the process that much more difficult.I cannot tell you the amount of hours I have spent searching the Internet for whatever crazy costume they have each requested in the perfect style and the right size.

This year I had help in this department from  Costume Supercenter .From the easy navigation to the simplified categories,Costume Supercenter makes browsing a cinch.I was able to narrow it down to a few select choices.Of course then the hard part came as to which one to chose.In the end I had a little help from my niece Alyssa.She chose the horse costume to wear this year.I was a little surprised by her choice,given the selection they had,but hey kids are kids.

The shipping as always was fast, and the costume arrived in excellent condition.When I saw it in person I was much more impressed with it.This is one time where the pictures from the site did not do it justice.To complete the costume all we had to do was put her in a pair of jeans,a bandanna and plaid shirt and she became instant cowgirl.The horse is nice and soft and the costume is really easy to use.I wondered if she would have issues using it but she was able to get it on all by herself.The straps keep it in place and allow her to move freely.

My experiences with Costume Supercenter just keep getting better.Each time I find something I didn't see before and I now have a list of costumes I would love to have for myself and my kids.My favorite part of shopping with them is the suggested additions with each costume.They show you what goes with it to complete the look and you can buy the extras right there as well.

*I was provided with the mentioned costume to assist in my review.The opinions are my own.

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