Friday, February 26, 2010

Critter Crayons Giveaway

I just posted about the fabulous crayons at the Critter Crayons Etsy Shop ..guess what I am getting the blue Bear crayon!

I mentioned it was my favorite and that is the one I received..
My crayon came in just 2 days and it is so cute.I tried it out and found that it colors easily and is not difficult to hold or angle .My assistant(my 3 year old daughter) tried it too and she was able to color without trouble or breaking the crayon.I was a little afraid of the arms or legs breaking off when she used it but it held together with no problem and colors in 3 or 4 different shades buy using the different sides .
In addition to the ones mentioned in my review  they also have these great crayons

What boy doesn't like dinosaurs..and some girls too.
Heres another that my daughter likes 
or this one

Critter Crayons has agreed to sponsor a giveaway here too.!
The winner will get to chose any crayon from the shop!!!

For the required entry just visit Critter Crayons and look around, come back and  tell me which is your favorite crayon

For additional entries you can
Follow me on twitter-1 entry
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Giveaway will end on March 10th and winner will be drawn using Random Generator.You must include email if not in your profile.

I was not compensated for this giveaway post.I received a crayon  from my previous review and decided to have this giveaway as a follow up.

Putumayo Review and Giveaway

I love music.I like many different styles  and tastes depending on my mood.I was contacted to review the Putumayo Rhythm and Blues cd recently and to bring you this giveaway.

I was not sure what to expect when I received this so I just popped it in.I had the thought ,while listening,that it would be great to work out to..maybe do a little Wii Fit Plus yoga.It is funky and upbeat.I think, because of the blues part, I was expecting something a little more downbeat and slow but it was not like that at all.
There are 12 songs on this disc including
Cracked Ice-Sweet Feeling
The Emotions-My Honey and Me
Ruthie Foster,Snooks Eaglin,James Hunter and more.

I have been given the chance to bring one of you a copy of this cd too!

For your first required entry go by Putumayo and tell me another cd you might like to listen to
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Giveaway ends March 10th at midnight.

I was not paid for this post and the opinions are my own. I received a copy of this cd to try for this review and a copy for the winner of the giveaway.

Critter Crayons

I don't know about you but I just love shaped crayons-and my daughter does too!I was browsing Etsy and found Critter Crayons.They offer a crayons in a variety of colors and shapes -even multicolor!
My son is a huge Batman fan and look at this possible Easter basket filler I saw in the shop

My daughter would love this beautiful butterfly

and check out this shark

there are so many different ones but if I had to pick a favorite it would be this cuddly teddy

You can buy a set of 3 for only $8.00 or 9 for $22.00

I know my kids would love these (though I'm not sure if I would share)

I was not compensated for this post.I am requesting the sample crayon they offer bloggers for doing a post.After I receive my crayon I will be doing a review of the actual item !

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money Crashers 2010 Online Tax Filing Giveaway

I entered a fabulous contest giveaway a few weeks ago at Money Crashers where they gave away over $8000 dollars in prizes! I was not lucky enough to win in that one,but now they are hosting a new giveaway where you can win one of 3 brand new Apple iPads ..I know you can't wait to enter right? I did and you should too.

Money Crashers is having this as a way to raise awareness of the benefits of filing your taxes online and you can gain 100 extra entries in the giveaway  if you do! I file my taxes with Turbo Tax and already filed this year so I did not get those entries, but you can! I highly reccomend Turbo Tax ,it is so easy to use and fast too.I used to be an HnR Block customer until I met my husband who used Turbo Tax and that is all I would use now.No busy tax offices,no adding numbers and stress when doing it yourself.I love it

You can go to Money Crashers Tax Giveaway here and read more about this and other options and to see the giveaway too!

Scribble On Everything Review

I like wall decor and vinyls.I love to pick out things to put on my kids walls.I had the opportunity to try Scribble On Everything and I was thrilled.
I received a gift certificate from a giveaway and was contacted right away to process my order.I had a hard time choosing ..there was so much I liked.I finally decided that since I had done my daughters headboard and door recently,I would do something for the boys' room this time.

I chose to get name vinyl for both boys.You can get them in a variety of sizes and color options and in multiple styles I was looking over them today,thinking of getting something else , and they even have a new style.

This is what I got for my oldest-

and this for my youngest-

I also picked the skulls you see in the first picture.I was only supposed to get 5 but he gave me a couple extra ones!
I picked these to match my boys personalities and favorite colors and they love them !
The ordering process was easy..I gave them my color choices and they emailed me a few different options to select my final style.The options were very different so you can customize the experience nicely.The shipping was quick and they came in a nice solid container with lining to seperate them to avoid any damage or sticking.
These were pretty simple to apply and turned out very nice.It only took me about 30 minutes total to line them up and apply them all.The prices are not too hard on the budget either.They do have a few items that are pricey but that is due to the size of them.It was only 29.00 plus shipping for both decals and the skulls ..not bad!

They have lots to chose from like these flowers . I would love to have 2 sets of these to put down my hallway.They also have chalkboard ones that you can write on and erase

And these cute monkeys

I told my sister about these super sweet dogs for my nephew

These are only a small sample of what you can find at the site so be sure to stop by and check them out yourself

I was not paid or compensated for this review.The items I received were from the giveaway win only and I chose to write this on my own.

This Week On the View

If you have watched The View this week you have already seen-
Senator Evan Bayth in his first and only television appearance since the announcement ,the shall we say interesting cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore, Nadya Suleman the "Octomom"  and Fabulous author Danielle Steel

I watched the Octomom and then went back and watched it on the The View website as well.She was cracking me up!I have had mixed feelings about that whole story so I was interested to see what she had to say.I did not get much from it being as she was a little "happy" .The Women sure had alot of questions for her though!

What are your thoughts on something you have watched this week? Do you watch every day or only sometimes.I try to watch as much as possible.The View is on when my kids are doing homeschool work so sometimes it gets interrupted.Go figure.

I have watched the view on and off for awhile depending on my work schedule.I have been lucky enough to be home to watch it for the past few months!
I love Sherri Shepherd.I never really knew much about her until I read her book and now I am hooked.She is hilarious ,as are all the ladies, and I love the mix of viewpoints and variety of questions they have.

Still to come on the show this week-
Thurday-Trying to have a baby -guests include Giuliana And Bill Rancic
Friday-Regis and Joy Philbin performing a song from their CD  -"Regis & Joy: Just you. Just me."
Make sure to stop and watch the rest of the week!

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Im A View Brand Ambassador

I am so excited! I have been chosen as a View Brand Ambassasor!!

Do you watch ABC'S The View? Who is your favorite? I will be bringing you more exciting information soon including this weeks guests and some inside thoughts from me.Stay tuned!

Monday, February 22, 2010

No NIntendo Wii Anywhere!!!

I am so annoyed.For a few weeks now,I have been debating on getting a Nintendo Wii.I am not the biggest game player so the games are not  the reason I was considering it.I have Fibromyalgia and my specialist mentioned that Yoga might help.I asked her about the Wii Fit Plus and she said it could be a big plus for me.I decided to go ahead and get one and ran to Game Stop.I browsed the games and went to the counter only to discover that they had NONE.I though that was odd but hey, it happens.I proceeded to go to Walmart and again-NONE.I live in Ohio near Columbus and I checked every Walmart,Target,Sears,Game Stop,Best Buy and any other place I could think of.I even went to the Websites and looked..not available online.I checked the local stores listings on the sites and again-sold out,sold out.SOLD OUT!!

I understand some places being out, but I am talking a 100 mile radius and still nothing available.By this point I was very annoyed.I decided to check ebay and what do you know-there were thousands of listings for them.I love Ebay, don't get me wrong,but I think this is ridiculous.I did not see even 1 Wii close to the regular price at Walmart (or anywhere else for that matter).I am talking a mark up of at least 25% if not more .I understand everyone has to earn a buck,but I have a problem with Nintendo (or Sony or anyone else) making these readily available to wholesalers and such at a lower cost then the average consumer will pay, and then, making them unavailable to find anywhere else.I was informed by 5 different Wal-mart stores that they had no idea when they would see another Wii,360 or PS3.As a matter of fact they did not even have an order for them as they had been sold out for weeks.

With the economy the way it is and given the cost of these game stations,you would think the companies would be more concerned with supplying the average person who shops at the everyday stores.At an average of 200 dollars for a Wii and 100 for the Wii Fit Plus, add on remotes,covers,games and various other accessories and it is easy to spend well over $500 just to get set up.Now we have to pay jacked up prices and chance damage from shipping,negligent mail carriers,weather damage from being left outside by delivery drivers,waiting on the item to arrive etc,etc,etc.I am fed up!

I finally did make a purchase from ebay which cost me $400.00 for the Wii and Wii Fit Plus (100 over the Wal-mart price) and now I have to hope it gets here safely.Wish me luck!

I feel better now.Have a great day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

WINNER-Uprinting Custom Stickers

The winner of the custom stickers by UPrinting was..

#3 Leena who said she could use some new address labels

Congrats on your win..I have sent you an email.Please respond within 48 hours to confirm.

WINNERS-Boost Kid Essentials

I have the two winners for the Boost Kid Essentials giveaway.
There were 46 comments..thank to you all for commenting and stopping by.
I hope to bring you more great giveaways soon so be sure to come back !!
First winner

Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} said...
Chocolate :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

and the second winner


   Robyn said...

Follow via friend connect

I will be sending emails ladies, and you have 48 hours to respond or leave me a comment here if you do not receive email.

I have a few great reviews to complete and working on  a couple of  giveaways too!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Follow

Time for another Friday Follow brought to us all by Rita at One2Try, Hearts Make Families, and Midday Escapades. I just love joining in every week.I have found some great new blogs to follow and gained a few followers myself!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Stop by and enter and I bet you find some new friends too!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sox That Rock Review

Around christmas I won a giveaway for SoxThatRock Etsy Shop.For me this was a fabulous win because I just love these socks.There were so many different socks and she does custom orders too.I think I am even going to get some more for my daughters birthday-she just loves the ones I picked for her.

I chose the white socks with white and pink heart beads and Reagan wears them every chance she gets.I also got a pair in shades of blue for my step-daughter.

Reagan got a second pair with Tinkerbell ( they have these in the shop now).

And these teeny baby bead socks that I picked for my soon to be neice.Only 4 weeks to go!!

I love the variety you can get as well as the ease of ordering.I listed my choices  and received a confirmation and even a couple of suggestions from Linda on different beads and color mixes.I loved the hands on attention to detail I received.

When my package arrived I was thrilled with the items and so were the girls.I have washed these  at least 10 times since we received them and they are still flawless.They hold up great with no lose threads or beads.

I thnk these would make a great addition to an easter basket for the little girls in your life.I know mine have asked for a few more pairs already.They have shirts,beanies,hair clips and more.Go by and check out some of  these great ones listed now
This is my favorite item in the shop
and Reagans next request to go with her Minnie dress

oh and look at this beanie!

I know I love this shop and I bet you will too.

I am writing this in an attempt to catch up on reveiwing some of my great blog giveaway wins-more to come.I was not compensated for this post in any way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Out Of The Box Sampler Review

Recently I won a giveaway from The Buzz for an Out Of The Box February sampler
I was so excited to receive this and it came in 2 days! There were so many fabulous items in the box and everything was so very cute!

I received a wonderful taco mix which I am saving for taco smells so good ,even through the bag!
Some other yummy items were the white chocolate filled pretzel,raspberry and chocolate truffles (which came in the cute pink box you see above), and chocolate caramel coconut popcorn.

There were some  beautiful soaps as well

I was also blessed with some fabulous candle melts

as well as some lotion and lip balm,powder makeup,hair clips ,a heart crayon in purple and red,and fabuous silver earrings, as well as a beautiful handmade card

Everything was so very cute and I was so impressed with all the lovely things I received
It all came packaged in a lovely pink bag and a seperate box

If you have never experienced one of these,you are really missing out.I plan to be a future customer and am looking forward to the Easter box!

I was not compensated for this post, I just wanted to share my fantastic win!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Funky Bunky Playhouses and More Review and Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by Eric to tell you about Funky Bunky . I had never heard of them before so I ran right over to check it out.I have to say these are the cutest little houses I have ever seen and I want one for my little princess.

Funky Bunky began one night when long-time friends Greg Dean and Aaron Zon were talking about building a bunkhouse for their kids. It had to be something fun and a little bit different. Greg had been building custom homes and Aaron loved to build things out of wood. The goal was to build a useable space that was anything but boring; a space that was not just great to be in, but also great to look at.

The fist thing I noticed was that they aim to please.This is not your ordinary playhouse for many reasons.First because they will do custom orders on both size and color! You can chose the 4x4 or the 4x6 with  porch and awning! They will even make a custom size ranging from doghouse to bunkhouse so there is a perfect size for everyone.

The best part in my opinion is the color variety.You can get the Funky Bunky in natural,white,red,green,purple,pink,blue,yellow and sky blue wall colors with the same color choices for the trim plus black! There are so many combinations ,you are sure to please any little angel in your life.
Every Funky Bunky sparkles with the charm of angled walls, tilted windows, and a sloping twisted roof too!

You can have this shipped to you in 8 pre-built pieces that take about an hour to assemble with basic home tools, or you can have it assembled! You have to see it to really get the full effect so run on over and play around with the designer to see what you can create!

I have been given the opportunity to pass along some fabulous certificates to my lucky readers too!

I will be giving away certificates for $50.00 off a small or $100.00 off of a large custom playhouse.This is truely too good to pass up! I have already shown this to a few friends and their reactions were fantastic-in fact I believe one of them intends to make an order for her childrens birthday celebration!

This giveaway  is going to be a bit different but should be fun and easy to enter-all you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment telling me so!

The top 3 people who send followers to my blog will automatically win a certificate for themselves.Be sure to have your referrals  leave a comment saying who sent them so I can keep track of it.Plus this gets them an entry in the random giveaway as well! I will be giving 3 more people a certificate as well for entering this giveaway.That makes a total of 6 winners!

You can get an entry for doing any or all of the following-
Follow me on Twitter - 1 entry
Subscribe to my blog via email-2 entries
Be my Facebook friend -1 entry
Current followers or subscribers are eligible too!

Please leave a seperate comment for each entry as well as email address if not in public profile.
This giveaway will run until March 1st 2010 and winners will be selected by random generator.The top 3 referrers will be tallied and contacted at the same time so make sure you enter yourself as well!

I was not paid for this post or compensated in any way,although I do have the option to use a certificte for myself.Sadly for me, my kids all have consecutive birthdays falling in March,April,May,June and July and so this would be unfair to buy for one and not the others.Who knows maybe I will get lucky and get a chance to do a hands on review  for you at another time!I know my little princess, who is 3, would just flip to have one of these for herself.She already asked for the purple one with pink trim so who knows, I may end up getting her one anyway since her birthday is last -shh, don't tell the others!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

CSN Upcoming Review

I love blogging.I love visiting and reading them,maintaining my own and entering all the fabulous giveaways..I live for the daily trips to my mailbox to see my latest arrivals and the emails to review new products.

Recently I was given a fabulous opportunity by Ashley at CSN Stores to chose a product to review .I must admit it was very difficult to chose an item because I wanted so many of them .After many hours searching  through their huge selection,I did finally narrow it down to a few select choices and eventually made my decision.

I will soon be bringing you a review of this fabulous Farberware Premium Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set that I will be receiving .I am so excited to have the chance to work with this great company,and to review this fabulous cookware set that I found at

CSN  has a vast selection of stores with items of all types.From furniture to home decor,kids and babies to pets and the outdoors,there is something for everyone.The best part of CSN Stores are the prices! I was amazed by the great deals I came across and will be going back to do some gift shopping very soon.

Right now they are having a fantastic giveaway ,The Big Bad Bedroom Breakup ,featuring Celebrity Room Relationship Expert and Designer Michael Payne .Described as a nationwide contest to search for the person suffering from the worst ‘relationship’ with his or her bedroom,this is something you just have to enter. The winner will receive a brand new, mood-boosting bedroom prize package from CSN Stores that includes $10,000 worth of stylish bedding, furniture, lighting, and more.Hurry on over and give it a try..who could be the BIG BAD winner!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boost Kid Essentials Free Product Coupon Giveaway-2 Winners

Boost Kid Essentials is a nutritionally complete drink that tastes good too! Each 8.25 fluid ounce drink contains 7g of protein,3.4 mg of iron and 290 mg of calcium.Kid Essentials contain a  total of 25 vitamins and minerals for balanced nutrition.

Boost Kid Essential is lactose free,glutten free, contains no peanut or tree nut ingredients
and they are certified as kosher too!

This is a well balanced product that can be used as a drink,snack or even a meal replacement in a pinch.You can even drink more then 1 a day (although they recommend limiting consumption to 2 or 3 so children gain nutrients from more then 1 source.)

For those picky eaters they have 3 different flavors-chocolate,strawberry and vanilla !

I have 2 coupons for a FREE any 1 Boost Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink Multipack up to $14.99.In my area these can be found at Kroger and Target.Go to the  Kid Essentials homepage to find out where to buy them near you.

For this giveaway there will be 2 winners.Each winner will receive 1 coupon for a free pack as mentioned above.This covers the total price in my area, although I cannot say if it does everywhere.

Mandatory entry - leave me a comment telling me which flavor you think your kids would like best-thats all!

After the mandatory entry you can get extra entries by-

Follow me on Google friend connect-1 entry
Follow me on Twitter and leave twitter Id-1 entry
Be my friend on Facebook and leave your user name-1 entry
Subscribe to my blog via email (located at top right)-2 entries

Giveaway ends Valentines Day 2/14 and winners will be drawn using on 2/15
Please leave email in comment unless it is visible in your profile so I can contact the winners.

This giveaway is hosted by me.I received these in a package from Nestle.I do my shopping at Wal-mart which sadly does not carry these so I thought I would pass them along to someone else.I was not asked to post this or rewarded for the post in any way.The opinions are my own with nutritional information from the Kid Essentails website.

Thanks for stopping by and  hope to see you again soon