Thursday, July 20, 2017

Funko POP Heroes: Arkham Asylum Joker

I expected this figure to be the same quality I am used to with Funko products, and I was not disappointed at all.

 This full sized figure does a great job of expressing the crazy that is Joker. I love the small details that matter, like the chain on the waist or the stitching on the pants. It is perfect for collectors and little Batman fans too. My nephew is 6 and he loves playing with Funkos as action figures.

This Joker figure does not stand up on it's own, so if you want a figure that will stand alone, do not buy this one! It will not do it, no matter how hard I tried. I normally leave them in the box when displaying, so that was not a problem for me.

This Funko was for my son and he just propped it against other items on his dresser, which worked fine for him. To me, the look of this, and the fact that he is Joker, are enough to justify the price. I am satisfied and my son loved it as a gift, so it was a win/win for me.

Time Is Money, Save Both With Groupon

Being a busy mom of 3, I don't always have time to look around for the best deal. Being a busy mom of 3, I need to find more deals, because, really..who doesn't want to save money?? My solution is Groupon. 

Using one simple site, I can easily find discounts on things I do,and buy, every day. I can save on entertainment and meals, or even plan a trip using multiple deals and options. 

When I am in need of a quick gift, or just want to send a favorite to someone special, I can zip over to Edible Arrangements, grab a beautiful bouquet or boxed treat, use one of the offered codes, and in just a few clicks, I save money and get an awesome gift, right from home. Win/win! 

It's almost time for back to school, so a visit to Walmart, Foot Locker or Office Depot may soon be in order. I will be sure to browse the codes for the best savings, discounts and offers before making any purchases. 
 It's easy to do when they are all together for me to see and choose from, and I can look by item or store to find the best deals overall, not just from one place. That is a big plus when looking for a certain brand or specific item. Again, it's a time thing for me. 

Groupon updates constantly, so you can always find current deals and codes to use, not waste time with tons of outdated links. Find the best savings on all the things you need and keep your time for all the things you want to do instead! 

*This post is sponsored by Groupon