Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Happened to the World-People

I am ashamed of the world we live in.I am amazed by the things people do and what we have become.
What makes people the way they are? Some think it is circumstance,that the way you are raised is the way you will be.I think this is an excuse for the people who aren't strong enough to stand on their own and think for themselves.Others believe it is your culture that forms your being,but again you have a CHOICE in the things you do in your life.Some say you can't change what you have become,I believe they are to weak to try.

The world we live in is a scary place and it shouldn't be.We shouldn't be afraid to go out at night or walk alone somewhere secluded.We shouldn't have to watch our children every second of the day to protect them from the monsters that lurk,but we do.Why should I have to be careful who I talk to or where I go? Why should you have to lock up everything you have to keep it from the fingers of those too lazy to work for it themselves?

I am disgusted by the amount of people who live off the system that was meant to be a helping hand when it was needed.When those who are truly having a rough time cannot even get the help they need because of the ones who abuse our country for all it is worth.I am sickened by the criminals who get to live for free while other hard working people struggle to make ends meet.I am embarassed to call myself an American when I know how many sick, twisted,perverse creatures share the same air I breathe.

I believe the world wasn't meant to be this way.It is the fault of its' inhabitants that it has become what it is.It is our failure to stand up for what is right that has allowed things to become this bad.When you can turn your head against the abuse of a child because you don't want to "get involved".When you know your neighbor,sibling or friend is in trouble,yet you do nothing until it is too late.Nobody notices the troubled child until they kill someone else or themselves.Nowone cares about the little old lady next door who has no family to worry about her.We don't stop to wonder how the homeless person became that way,we only try to get away from them as fast as we can.

What happened to this world and why did we let it get that way? I am not old enough to say I remember when everything was better,but I am old enough to know that it was.I am wise enough to know we have to make a change,if not for ourselves then for the future of our children.We have to find ways to change things for the better instead of helping them get worse.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eden Fantasys Gift Giving Experience

                                 This is intended for mature readers only.Sexual content included!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeThanks again to everyone who entered my latest Eden Fantasys giveaway.I really enjoy their products and am always happy to share them with you.In fact,I recently received some interesting new items that I thought you might like.We had a goodbye party for one of our managers at work recently.We are not a normal work group because we all have gutter minds sometimes.My boss had been telling us about his lack of sexual satisfaction at home and so we decided to help him out in this area before he left.

We though it would be funny to give him some type of candy so we ended up going with these gummy boobs.They come in a 5.3 oz. variety pack of 3 flavors and are a big hit with the guys.

My co-worker had recently been given a Tenga egg  from me to try with her husband and she suggested I get one for the boss too.I guess it was a success.I think these Tenga eggs are a fun gift that is great for any man who likes to self satisfy.They come in a variety of textures so grab one of each and see what works best or pick one and try it out.This masturbation sleeve can be used alone,OR you can also use it on your man for a little extra closeness.These are also great for those times when you just can't/don't want to have sex.They stretch and stretch so the fit should be good for just about anyone.Made of food grade material and latex free,this is a fabulous gift that gives back!

We wrapped his gifts in the female gift wrap,which brought an immediate smile to his face and the faces of the other men present too.It comes with 2 sheets of wrap which is enough to wrap several small gifts or 2 clothing sized gifts.The only thing I had to complain about with this was I don't think the women are at all attractive.I would have chosen a totally different group for it as the ones in it remind me of 80's porn stars.Then again,I am not attracted to women so maybe I am wrong about this.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am an Eden Fantasys Ambassador and wanted to share my most recent finds with you.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picture Pretty with Kodak

I got a new printer! I had enough of my old one,it was just that..old.Probably a little over 3 years old.I know 3 years doesn't mean much for some things,but in the world of computers,3 years is forever! It was a plain old ink jet that made copies but that's it.

I hadn't planned to buy a printer actually,I was going to buy a router so I could hook up WiFi.I happened to think of printers while I was already in Walmart for the 4th or 5th time in 2 days,and decided to look while I had it on my mind.I really don't need a printer for any certain thing,but once in awhile I will find something I have to copy or need to print.When that happens,I want a printer that will give me good quality printing at a reasonable price,will scan and copy whatever I need and that will run on WiFi.I am trying to make everything wireless.
I ended up with the Kodak  ESP C310

I love this printer so far!! The setup was easy, as was connecting it to Wifi.The pictures I have printed have turn out great and it fits on the top of my desk too!This has a handy fold out paper tray so I can close it when I am not using it and an easily accessible SD card slot too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Bunny Costume from Wholesale Costume Club

Easter is coming and the shelves are already stocked full of bunnies,eggs and chicks.From egg dye kits to Easter baskets,decorations to  Easter costumes, there is always so much to do!

This year I got a little help checking the costumes off the list, thanks to Wholesale Costume Club.I wanted to get something for Harley because she is the youngest kid in the family.She just turned 1 and is starting to walk,so I thought she would be so cute in this Newborn/Infant Bunny Costume
My costume arrived in record time and as always with this company,I was thrilled.Their costumes are great quality and they look even better in person. This super soft and fluffy costume, is nice and cozy to keep your little bunny warm on Easter morning.
WHC has a nice variety of infant costumes to chose from.They were all so cute I had a hard time deciding which one to get! I love using this site because they have the selections narrowed in so many ways. You can browse by type of costume,sex or age and even type of accessory to make your costume complete.

Need one for the baby boy in your life? How about this

or if you are looking for something besides a bunny,try this fabulous little lamb!

Wholesale Costume Club offers more than just Easter costumes too.They have great selections for Christmas,Mardi Gras,Halloween and more.For your next costume need,swing by and check out their selection!

*I was given the mentioned costume to assist in my review.The opinions are my own from personal experience.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going Wireless

So I know lots of people already have this done in their homes,but for me it is a new thing.I never really had a need to go totally wireless in the house,my computer works fine without it and I have WiFi on my phone already, but now that we have a PS3,a Wii,a computer, a PSP and a printer that will all run wireless,we decided it was time for a switch.

I had really no idea what type of equipment we needed,so after calling Time Warner and being told to go to WalMart for a router,off we went in search of connection cord freedom.The people at Walmart electronics department know next to nothing about routers.After looking for about 15 minutes myself,I asked them for assistance.Basically I wanted to know which one was best for all my equipment,especially the gaming so there would be no lag or delay of any sort.The lady tried to tell me they were all the same but thankfully I was smart enough to know that wasn't right.

After a couple more trips and some research we ended up going with the Netgear premium option or whatever it was called.It cost $79.99 but is a one time investment over a monthly fee and installation costs for getting it through Time Warner.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I am still new to some aspects of blogging and must have missed this last year but in case you haven't's time for the 2011 Ultimate Blog Party! Janice and Susan, from 5 Minutes for Mom,are the hosts of the fabulous event where you can find new blogs,get new followers and win some great prizes too!!

What a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers and followers better.As most of you know,I am a mom to 3 of the craziest kids in the world.Gage is 9,Aiden is 7 and Princess Reagan is 4.I enjoy reading,scrap booking,target shooting,baking and of course..blogging.There is always something going on in our world and here are some of my recent photos of daily life.
My oldest sons Gages' favorite book                      
   My princess trying to play on the G2

I actually started blogging because I ran into a blog giveaway.I had never heard of blog giveaways or "mommy" blogs before and I started reading some of the ones I came across.I followed the buttons from blog to blog including 5 Minutes for Mom.After a few months of reading posts, entering giveaways and following these ladies lives,I decided to give it a try myself. I love to win like everyone else,but I also love the feeling of connection with other people I don't "know" in my daily world.Over the past 2 years,since I started being involved with blogs,I have laughed and cried with the blog owners.I have watched their children grow along with my own.I have read of their success and failure,happiness and misery and continue to do so.I may not have ever spoken to these women,they may not know I exist in the masses of followers and commenter's on their sites,but what matters to me is the hope that some of you,like myself,care what the others have to say.

I will admit I don't get to blog as often as I would like.I work full time outside the house,I have 3 kids full time and 2 step kids part time as well as my niece and nephew whenever I get a chance,but I try to keep up and am working on my schedule to make more time to participate in certain this one!!

Go join in the some new people,find some new followers,read a new blog ..or a hundred and just enjoy a little positive in a world full of negatives.