My Movie Thoughts

These are some of the movies I have watched since starting this blog. They are in no particular order and have a short description after. Click the links to read my full reviews for a better take on the movies. Enjoy!

Green Zone- in my opinion this war film is a waste of time. A story about the middle east war full of sugar coated glory and not much else.

Brooklyn's Finest- an in depth look into the minds of three different cops, all caught up in a story you won;t believe. Not for everyone, this film is full of nudity and violence but is worth seeing for the story.

2012-this apocalyptic film shows what happens when the world as we know it comes to and end. Not much different than any other apocalypse film except the look into how the governments react and the end result.

Shutter Island- stay on the edge of your seat with this plot twisting drama film. You will not expect the changes in this story or what is coming next.

Captain America the First Avenger - this look into the history of Captain America shows how he was discovered and what happened after. Fabulous effects and filled with laughs, this is one to see for any super hero fans.

Planet of the Apes- test animals decide to take matters into their own hands in the scifi drama filled with questions over what exactly is happening.

Real Steel- watch remote controlled giant robots fight for the gold in this movie with a heartwarming twist.

Funny People- this comedy is just what it says, a bunch of comedians all crammed into one movie

The Other Man-

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