Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Movie Reviews-The Other Man

We are a movie watching couple,my husband and I  and we try to do it as often as we can.I myself am not big on wasting money to go to the movies for many reasons.Most of the time either the movie was not worth the cost, or fellow moviegoers find ways to ruin it by talking ,being loud or otherwise generally rude.I find it much better to wait a bit and rent the movie .Lately we have had a chance to watch quite a few and this is what I think of them.

The Other Man
This movie stars Liam Neeson Antonio Banderas and Laura Linney and is 88 minutes long

I was interested in seeing it based on the short preview on the back of the movie case.My husband actually found it and thought I might like it so we gave it a shot.

The movie starts off with the married couple-Neeson and Linney with a short glimpse into their married life.The next thing you know-literally seconds later it shows Neeson cleaning out his wifes things and offering some of them to his daughter.Right away I was confused..where did she go?Why are her things still there?Did she leave or what as the case says he is uncovering the truth of her dissapearance.

 As the movie progresses it shows Neeson basically going crazy.First he hears a message on his wifes cell phone from another man.He begins trying to hack into his wifes laptop and eventually discovering files and pictures of her with a lover.The daughter gave him a piece of paper that the wife had instructed her to put away for him,containing the password to the locked files.

Next Neeson travels to the home of the lover-Banderas and makes contact with him.Banderas has no idea who Neeson is at the time and they begin to interact,talking and even playing chess.Banderas tells him of his great love which of course is Neesons wife.Neeson has the intent of killing Banderas apparently and I honestly thought he would.

During this time he is also contacting Banderas pretending to be Lisa the wife and makes dinner plans.At the dinner meeting Neeson reveals himself and then informs Banderas that his wife has died of cancer .At this point I was totally lost.Next you see bits of Neeson and the daughter taking care of the dying wife. They are all together when she dies.Banderas throws a party in memory of her which Neeson and the daughter attend.
I have to say that I hated this movie.Not only was The Other Man weird and confusing,but honestly who in their right mind would behave in such a way.If I found that my husband, deceased or not, had been having an affair for 12 years, I would not waste my time with any of it.

I still have not figured out where the dissapearance fit in if she was already dead and why did she leave him the password to get into the files instead of just leaving the memories they had? If I were you I would not waste my time or money on this movie and wish that I had not done so myself.

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