Monday, January 4, 2010

My Movie Reviews-Funny People

This movie stars Adam Sandler,Seth Rogan and Leslie Mann and is 2 hours and 33 minutes long

When I fist heard of this movie via all the television previews, I assumed it would be hilarious based on the characters and my experience with them.While I am not a huge fan of any of them individually,together I was looking for loads of laughs.

The main character of the movie is of course Adam Sandler who plays a comedian (ironic huh).Early in the film Sandler discovers that he has a rare life threatening disease.In the meantime Rogan is working at a deli type restaurant aspiring to be a stand up comic himself,while sleeping on the pull-out couch at a friends apartment.

Sandler sees Rogan perform and approaches him about writing jokes for him to do a special event ,which leads to Rogan becoming Sandlers personal assistant.Sandler and Rogan develop a love/hate type of relationship and become "friends".

Sandler tells Rogan about Mann who is "The One That Got Away" and about his sickness.The relationship continues with the duo traveling and performing together until Rogan tells Sandler that he needs to tell someone else about his disease because he cannot handle being the only one who knows. Sandler begins to spend time with some of his aquaintances and even his sister whom he has virtually no relationship with.

During all this Sandler also gets in touch with Mann who tells him she still loves him and misses him etc.The 2 and sometimes the trio begin to spend time together and with Manns 2 daughters as well.

Rogan has his own issues,wanting a girl he will not try to get and who eventually sleeps with Rogans roommate. The 3rd roommate gets in the mix when he discovers that Sandler offered the joke writing job to both him and Rogan , a fact that Rogan kept to himself. This creates chaos between the 3 friends/roommates as well as with Rogan and his "Dream Girl" for sleeping with the roommate.

Sandler and Rogan go to visit Mann and are there when her husband returns home unexpected .The husband accepts them being ther based on knowing that Sandler is ill and assuming he is visiting with a friend.He does not know that his wife has just slept with Sandler, until one of the daughters informs him that Sandler is no longer sick-his treatments have worked and there is no sign of his illness anymore.This leads to a fight between Sandler and the husband and then between Sandler and Rogan .Mann then tells him that she chooses her husband and not Sandler who had plans to buy a home together and make a life for them and the children.

I think the name was a bad choice for this movie.To me a movie called Funny People should be funny and not serious.Their was some comedy in the movie but way less than I expected and not up to the usual standards of any of the characters.I myself would not have rented this movie for a laugh had I known the outcome.Not too bad for a romantic comedy or some other genre but to me not a comedy in and of itself.

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Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

I just saw this movie the other night. I had no idea what to expect... I assumed it might be funny b/c of who was in it, but I just selected it on quickly thru video on demand late the other night.

I ended up sort of getting something out of it. It wasn't funny of course, but I still was glad I watched it.