Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marlboro Contest Giveaway

I am a Marlboro smoker and have been for 15 years.I have found that not only do they have the best tasting cigarette but also do better then most at awarding their customers. Right now Marlboro has the 100 days of summer giveaway. I myself have won a bottle opener and an ashtray already.You might say..so what ,those are not big prizes and that is true..however since entering is free and you can also get more coupons..which means more saved money..well I think its worth my 2 minutes a day to enter and see what happens.If I never won a thing..like my husband hasn't so far..it is still worth trying as there are some great prizes including cars,gold,tvs, and more. So if you are a marlboro smoker and are on the mailing list..why not give it a shot.You never know who will win.

Micheal Jackson

While I agree that the topic of Michael Jackson is an interesting one for some..enough already.Just because someone is famous does not mean the entire world wants to read about them every day.What happened to privacy? We all know what happened and we all have been around to watch him go from a decent looking black man to an odd looking white creature, wasn't that enough? If any normal person died it wouldn't be top story for a day let alone for weeks.Don't his children deserve the right to mourn and recover without every aspect of their lives being on the net? Custody battles and monetary greed are not the way any of this should be represented.Is it really the worlds business who does what and where the children end up? Do we really need to go over everything he ever did ..what does it matter now? To bring up the past indescretions and problems is just tacky to say the least. Let it go..get over it and give those poor kids a chance to be kids whose father died ..not headlines and top gossip stories..it is disgusting.

Who Cares

Every day I log onto Yahoo and see these horrible headlines about stuff that nowone can possibly care about..I mean seriously why waste out time with such nonsense.If you use yahoo as a homepage..there is a reasom for that and I myself would like to see more interesting topics on the "news" pages.Like today for example..watch the building fall sideways in another country..ok thats what I want to spend my time doing..how about you?