Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Marlboro Contest Giveaway

I am a Marlboro smoker and have been for 15 years.I have found that not only do they have the best tasting cigarette but also do better then most at awarding their customers. Right now Marlboro has the 100 days of summer giveaway. I myself have won a bottle opener and an ashtray already.You might say..so what ,those are not big prizes and that is true..however since entering is free and you can also get more coupons..which means more saved money..well I think its worth my 2 minutes a day to enter and see what happens.If I never won a thing..like my husband hasn't so far..it is still worth trying as there are some great prizes including cars,gold,tvs, and more. So if you are a marlboro smoker and are on the mailing list..why not give it a shot.You never know who will win.

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