Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CSN Stores Preferred Blogger and Upcoming Review

I have been chosen as a preferred blogger for CSN Stores! I love CSN and am so excited to be part of the CSN preferred community!

There are so many things at CSN that I would just love to have.With over 200 stores I never get tired of shopping.I need to finish my living room makeover so I am thinking maybe one of their modern rugs to go with my new wood floor.I have my eye on a few different ones and just need to narrow it down. I want a nice area rug to place in the main traffic area and you can bet I will find what I need at CSN Stores.

I will  be featuring a new item from CSN Stores soon.Any guesses what it is? Maybe something for Halloween? How about a back-to-school item? Something for the living room? Well you will just have to wait and see. Check back soon to join me in admiring my new CSN Stores find.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Halloween Havoc Starting Soon

                                                      HALLOWEEN HAVOC

Halloween is my favorite day of the year and in my house we celebrate in style.I love to decorate,the kids love to dress up and we do as much Halloween stuff as we can.You may have seen my post from last year, but just in case you missed it her is some of what we did.

 The kids decorated pumpkins.
Of course we went trick or treating.

The Wizard of Oz float at the Pumpkin Show

My nephew Andrews Pumkin he grew for the contest.

The kids loot after I took out the things they aren't allowed to have.No gum allowed indoors.

My lights around the top of my porch.

I could go on and on but you get the picture.I am planning a Halloween Havoc here at 2 Monsters and A Princess.I will be bringing you reviews and giveaways as well as any fun Halloween stuff I find.

If you are a company looking for reviewers or giveaway hosts for Halloween items,you have come to the right place! Feel free to drop me a line via email.

Have A Great Day

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review: Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre

I love reading a good book.One of my favorite relaxing moments is grabbing a book and soaking in a luxurious bath full of bubbles.

One of my newest finds is Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre . When I read this excerpt from the book I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

"When a popular English professor's sudden car accident throws a quiet college campus into chaos,mystery and romance take over.Sending Rupert Home blends numerous elements of a satisfying novel.Not only are the main characters funny and memorable, but even the secondary ones  add their own unique flavors that make modern college life so interesting"

I started this book the day I received it and finished it the day after.I normally read only when I have extra time or at night when the kids are sleeping.This time,however,I wanted to know what was next.I even ordered pizza for dinner so I didn't have to stop and cook!

I think what gets you with this is not knowing what is supposed to be happening until the end.The characters capture your attention and hold it until the very last page.I was so involved in the romance part that I never noticed how many pages I had turned.The conclusion is bittersweet because you really don't want the story to end.The bbok is not so outlandish that it is unreal,nor is it so slow you get bored.I think Tracy Fabre nailed it on the head with a nice, friendly and romantic story that I plan to pass on to my grandmother to read.

You can find this book and her others at http://tracyfabre.com/. I am looking at Evan's Castle and Reasons for my fall reading list.

I was given a copy of the book to read by Tracy.The opinions and positive review are my own and not required or influenced in any way.

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Yona won the Digital Room Giveaway

The winner of the 50 5x7 custom cards from Digital Room was

comment #4 Yona

I have emailed the winner and am awaiting a reply.Thanks to everyone for entering!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Eden Fantasys Divine Toy Box Review

As you probably already know,I love Eden Fantasys. I love the selection,the prices and the discretion too!
I have a collection of items from Eden Fantasys and have just added a new one to the list.

The Divine Toy Box in Pink Corset
I fell in love with the box when I first saw it.As a mom,I have to keep my bedroom fun items out of sight and reach of the children,especially my youngest who is 4.When I saw this,I knew it was the answer.Not only does this give me a great place to keep my toys and accessories,but it is cute too! The black vinyl combined with the pink corset top is too hot! Now I need this stretch lace corset to match.

I was a little unsure just how much stuff I could fit into the box at first.I excitedly awaited the delivery so I could find out.As usual I received my shipment super fast.I had the box in just 2-3 days; and it came packaged so even I didn't know what was in it until I opened it.

I immediately took the box in to see what all I could cram into it.To say I was amazed is an understatement.Here I was thinking I could put a few of my more risque items in it,and instead I fit about 20 different products inside.

This is only the bottom row.I laid these out to show how much space there is.As you can see even with  Kama-sutra Chocolate Body Paint , 3 tubes of Frosted Body icing and other assorted edibles and lubricants,there was still room for more.I was able to add toys,cleaner and more with room to spare.The box even comes with keys and a lock to keep little hands and eyes out!

I am super pleased with this toy box.Cute sturdy and useful..what more could you want!

I received the mentioned product to assist in this review as a product reviewer for Eden Fantasys.All opinions are my own.

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lmurley2000 won the Seventh Generation prize pack!

Out of 99 entries the winning entry was # 78.

Congrats to the winner
lmurley2000(at)yahoo.com who won with a daily tweet

Thanks to everyone who entered and hope to see you again!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hampton Hotels Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.


Have you heard of the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes   ?
 Entry is free and easy so stop by and take a shot! You can win the grand prize of  a free stay for themselves and 100 friends at a Hampton for one weekend! The winner will also receive $5000 to help pay the tax !

Can you imagine a hotel full of you and your friends for a whole weekend? I am not sure there are 100 people I want to spend the weekend with but I would sure give it a try! I know I would invite my sisters and best friend,my favorite cousins,my darling husband of course and maybe even some of his friends if he is super nice! ( I don't really care for them but hey,fair is fair!) Besides we need some strong guys to haul all the party goods ,set up the chairs and games,fetch drinks for the ladies and clean up after!

I think I would start with some party games..maybe limbo or a dance contest.I know I would add in some poolside fun (the guys are rooting for a wet t-shirt contest). How about a big pillow fight? Throw in some great music,food,drinks and me of course and you have a party!

So what would you do? Who would you take with you? Would you include the kids or make it adult only?
Entering is a must to win,and anyone can win-even you! This could be a great ending to your year and give you the relaxation and vacation you deserve!

Sweepstakes is open to everyone-you do not have to have stayed there before.

Click Here

Visit my sponsor: Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Belli Birthday Bash and Review

Have you  heard of Belli?

Belli  is a company founded by Jason and Annette Rubin in 2002.Belli is a line of luxurious skincare products specifically geared toward pregnant women.new moms and babies. I recently had the opportunity to try some of their fabulous products myself- and loved them!

I started with the Elasticity Belli Oil.This product is a blend of pure plant extracts that prepares the skin for stretching.The lavender and sweet almond oil soothe the senses,while the moisturizing helps skin stretch without damage.Great for pregnant women who don't want stretch marks.The oil is thick but not clumpy,it reminds me of olive oil in consistency.This is designed for hips,breasts,stomach and bottom.I have stretch marks from my boys,so I put it everywhere.I also had a friend try this with me and she loves the small and feel of it on your skin.While it provides good coverage,it isn't thick or greasy once applied.

Next was the Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen. Chloasma are the bark brown splotchy areas that over 70% of  pregnant women get on their face. Simply smooth on your face to block all those harmful rays and environmental pollutants.This can be worn alone or underneath makeup and is oil free for all skin types.I was a little wary because the cream comes out a light brown shade,but it blends in nicely and leaves no trace of color on your skin.

The last product I tried was the Acne Cleansing Facial Wash. Made with Lactic acid,green tea and cucumber this is safe for pregnant women to use.The cleanser lifts away dirt,oil and bacteria to leave your face clean and blemish free without drying or irritating your skin.This went on easy and washed off clean to leave my skin soft and silky to the touch.

There is also a Stretchmark Minimizing Cream that I would love to try.This formula is said to fade stretchmarks of any age from any cause.Featuring darutoside and registril which have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretchmarks by up to 52 and 72%. Have A Great Day
Imagine just a 50% reduction in stretchmarks-what an improvement!

Now through September 3rd, Belli will be hosting an online party to celebrate their birthday.Belli and its partner sponsors will have a daily drawing for a prize.On September 6th one grand prize winner will be selected to win each of the prizes awarded for themselves! Some of the sponsors include Happy Family Foods,Swaddle Designs,Moody Mama's and more.
 Belli is also offering a 30% store-wide discount and free ground shipping on orders over $75.00.

You can check out all the Belli products and enter to win  here . Have a question about the products or skincare in general? Find your answers from Jason Rubin M.D,Bellis founding physician and medical director while you are there!

I received the products mentioned to assist in my review.The opinions are my own.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New Blog

I have started a new blog.

.While I love sharing with my current readers,some companies/people are uncomfortable with sensitive material.I love my sponsors and readers,and want to continue in the same manner I have been here at 2 Monsters and A Princess.

My new blog,however,will be purely adult.I will be featuring adult products,reviews,conversation,information and more.I would love for you to follow me  if this material won't offend!
New blog link-Mommy Loves Sex

Please bear in mind,I just started.I do have GFC up and running so you can follow me.I will be adding more on both blogs soon.

I also need a button for the new blog.I am willing to pay a small fee or I will put your button on either  or both of my blogs in exchange-your choice.If you or someone you know can do a hot button for me,please email !

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Kroger $25 GC Winner-All Things New

With 171 entries,the winner for the Kroger GC was -
# 9-All Things New (twitter follower)

I have emailed the winner and am awaiting a reply.Thanks to everyone for entering and good luck next time!

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Shutterfly Winners Terra H and The Fam

Congrats to Terra H and The Fam for winning their choice of 10 photo cards from Shutterfly!

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Gleveland Giveaway at Just Another Review Blog

I happened across a giveaway today that I wanted to share.I will admit part of me didn't want to because I want to win,but hey fair is fair.I figure all you other fabulous bloggers have told me about giveaways,even this one,so why not spread the word as well.

Just Another Review Blog is hosting one of the best giveaways I have entered in awhile.I suppose this is only true if you live in or near Ohio, or are willing to travel for these fabulous events.

4 tickets to:

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Rainforest
Great Lakes Science Center
A Christmas Story House
$10 gift certificate for:
Sweetie's Candy Company
$20 gift certificate for:
Grumpy's Cafe

Accommodations for 2 nights for a family of 4 at:
Crowne Plaza Cleveland City Centre

I am excited.It is about a 4 hour drive for me to Cleveland but well worth it for this giveaway win (if I win that is). Entering is simple and the reward is amazing.I am receiving extra entries for sharing with you so stop on by and try your chances too!

Have A Great Day

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mom Turns 50!!!

Last month,my sister,my cousin and I planned a party for my moms' 50th birthday.My mom is one of those people who give and give to others but never asks for anything herself.We decided to surprise her by gathering all 5 of her grandchildren,all 3 of her daughters and other assorted friends/family and throwing a luau party.

We had 4 generations of family  present and everyone enjoyed getting together.

I made the cakes.Both are chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache between the leyers.I used whipped milk chocolate icing with dark chocolate drizzle.My mom loves chocolate! We served it with ..you guessed it..chocolate ice cream.It only took me about 5 hours to do.

The kids played in the bounce house,pool and on the power vehicles while the adults played limbo and hula hoop contests.Mom received a digital photo frame,decorator pillows for her living room,a throw,bath and body works stuff,gift cards,cash and more.


Eden Fantasys Winner-Hannah

Congrats to Hannah,the winner of my Eden Fantasys $25 Gift Card.
Out of 97 entries the winning number was #88
Hannah won by following me on twitter..thanks for the follow!
I am emailing you now.

Thank you to everyone who entered.I hope you stop back and enter my other giveaways.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Princess Reagan turns 4

My baby girl is growing up too fast.It seems like only yesterday she was a little thing learning to walk..now she is 4.I have been accused of spoiling her by ..oh just about everyone I know.I have a hard time telling my princess no..ever.

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Reagans' 4th birthday.If you have been reading my posts then you know I have been making the kids cakes this year..custom designs chosen by them.Reagan was no exception,she chose her cake design months ago.I'll give you a guess...yep a princess castle.

I designed this myself based on her color choices and requirements.The cake is actually 4 layers, 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry with strawberry icing between.I used edible glitter for the tower and the designs.The candy is dinner mints on top and the fizzy skittles around the layers.

Of course the princess had to have a pinata to match her cake.We filled it with butterfly rings,candy necklaces bracelets and rings,whistles,ring pops and more.

The kids spent awhile in the bounce house before going in for pizza and cake with birthday cake ice cream.

The gifts included zhu zhu pets and accessories,yoo- hoo and friends plush animals,polliwalks shoes,a Kidorable umbrella,about 10 outfits,dvds,games,coloring stuff ,money and more.Spoiled.

Reagan had a great day,which is all that matters to me and she got everything she asked for and more.I love my baby girl so much and I wish she could stay little forever!

Have A Great Day

Digital Room 50 5x7 Custom Cards Giveaway

With the holidays rapidly approaching,it is time to start thinking Christmas Cards.I love to do my own custom cards.I like originality and by taking advantage of  greeting card printing, I can be sure nowone else is handing out the same cards I am .

Digital Room has been a lifesaver in printing needs.There are so many options to chose from.You can design from scratch,use their templates or upload your own designs.

There are many pre made templates to chose from..or use the design tools to add photos,clipart,shapes and more.Not only can you create fabulous cards,but you can make posters,flyers,labels and more.

Thanks to Digital Room, one of you can get a jump start on your holidays by creating your own cards too! One reader will win -50  5x7  Folded Cards with Plain Envelopes !

Cards will be printed on 14pt Cardstock Gloss (Outside Print Only)
These will come  in the Half Fold style  (Scored only)
Limited to US residents; 18 years old and above

Mandatory Entry-
Go to Digital Room and tell me how you would use these

Extra Entries-
Follow me on GFC-2 entries
Subscribe via email or reader-2 entries each
Follow me on twitter-1 entry
Tweet this giveaway and leave tweet link-1 entry per day
Post my button on your blog or add me to your blogroll-5 entries
Blog about this giveaway with a link to this post-2 entries
Enter any other Summer Smash Giveaway-1 entry for each active giveaway

Giveaway will end on August 27th at midnight.I will chose a winner via random.org.
Please leave me a separate comment for each entry.Include email if not public in profile

I will receive the same cards as a reward for posting.The opinions are my own.
Have A Great Day

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crafting Mama for Nintendo-Coming Soon

Wanna know a secret? I love to play video games.Shhh don't tell my kids,they don't know I spend hours at night playing when they are asleep.I love to play on my Wii,the Nintendo DS and my computer the most,but I do  play the PSP and even Gameboy every now and then.

I was thrilled when I heard about a new game coming out in October..Crafting Mama.
Crafting Mama is the first dedicated crafting game for the Nintendo DS featuring 40 different craft projects …  you can make a new creation every time you play!

In Crafting Mama, players can create different projects in a huge range of crafts: from paper airplanes to  patchwork quilts, earrings, candles, kaleidoscopes, birdhouses, flower decorations and more! Using the stylus as a universal crafting tool, crafters can sew, mold, glue, cut and paint under Mama’s masterful direction.

Crafting Mama also includes new materials, colors and patterns to customize each project. Plus multiplayer support lets players create with a friend. Crafting Mama is guaranteed to turn Mama fans into crafty creators in no time!

When I first read about this game,I though of my daughter.We love to do crafts together.Every time my mom or gradmother come to our house,Reagan is trying to get out her craft boxes.We have done scrapbooks,ornaments,jewelry and more as a family.Last year we even gathered 4 generations to create her Halloween costume.Reagan is a huge fan of making everything  "her style" and I just know she would love this game.I am thinking this might be a great gift for Christmas.(Of course when we all get together I am sure this will rapidly become a group effort if the princess has anything to do with it!)

You can grab a copy for only $29.99..as soon as it is released.

I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am simply spreading the word.All information is from the company.

Have A Great Day

Seventh Generation Review and Giveaway

Summer is over, and for many of us that means back to school time is near.I am sending my 2 boys to public school for the first time ever this year and I am terrified.Why? I hate germs,especially germs from strangers.I try to never let my kids use public fountains or restrooms unless it cannot be avoided.I carry sanitizer in my purse and avoid crowded public places at peak times.To put it mildly,I am paranoid.With nearly 22 million school days lost every year due to the common cold and flu (CDC) and as many as 2.7 million bacterial found per square inch on common school surfaces,it's no wonder I worry about germs!
Seventh Generation is a company made for people like me.Seventh Generation has decided to make our lives a little easier with their "Back-to-School" kit. The kit includes a Seventh Generation backpack, two canisters of Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes (one for home and one to donate to your child´s classroom), disinfecting multi-surface spray cleaner, facial tissue and paper towels.This is my kit when it arrived.
These items are fabulous! The first one I tried were the paper towels.I love that they are made from 100% recycled paper,hypoallergenic and unbleached.The towels are brown,which is a change from my pretty prints,but the quality was great.I was able to clean counters,tables and more without them ripping or falling apart.

I also loved the disenfecting wipes.I tried these in the kids bathroom.Not only do they prevent germs,but they clean wonderfully  too.I cleaned the sink and bathtub and didn't even have to add cleaner.I did not expect that from a wipe.The scent is very strong and makes you feel you are getting a good clean surface."Sixty percent of teachers surveyed said that they request that parents donate disinfecting wipes to the classroom. Seventh Generation´s disinfecting wipes kill 99.99% of germs* naturally using the active ingredient thyme, a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme"

I have a surprise! Thanks to Seventh Generation one of you can win your own "Back To School" kit just like the one I reviewed.

Mandatory Entry-
Tell me what supplies you are sending to your kids teachers to prevent germs this year.

Extra Entries-
Follw me on GFC-1 entry
Subscribe to this blog via email or reader-2 entries each
Post my button on your blog/site-5 entries
Follow me on twitter and leave me your username-1 entry
Tweet this giveaway and leave link-1 entry per day
Share this giveaway on a linky,blog,facebook etc (make sure it links back to this page)-1 entry for every place shared (leave me a link to where you shared it)

Leave a separate comment for each entry.You must leave email if it is not public in profile.

Giveaway ends August 24th at midnight and winner will be chosen via random.org

Seventh Generation provided me with the free product, gift pack and giveaway through MyBlogSpark.All opinions are my own.

Have A Great Day

Monday, August 9, 2010

Survey Says?

I found this at The Buzz:My Coupon World and thought it was funny to read Brandys' answers,so I figured why not join in.

A- My AIR CONDITIONER is set on: 68-70..I hate to be hot

B- My BEDROOM theme is:..lol..Living Dead Dolls,Wizard of Oz and Country Boy Husband?
C- The CAR in the driveway is: a sparkle blue Montana ...we have 5 kids
D- My DESK looks:like I am in high school..pens,notes,pocket junk etc
E- The EXACT time I wake up daily is: whenever the kids come screaming for breakfast
F- The FIRST thing I wash in the shower is: My hair so it can soak
G- My GARAGE is filled with: tools,skateboards,bikes and yard sale junk
H- My HOUSE is: still standing..with 5 kids,thats all I ask
I- If you peeked INSIDE my bedroom you'd see: depends on what time of day it is..tv and computer on..what else is anyones guess
J- My favorite JUICE is:orange with no pulp
K- The best part of my KITCHEN is: the dishwasher of course
L- The LAST person who visited my home was:my neice for the weekend
M- The last piece of MAIL for me was:a pillow pet or a bill..not sure which was last
N- My NEIGHBORS think I'm: nuts and spoiled with all the packages from giveaway wins..thanks Brandy for some of those
O- If you OPENED my fridge you'd see: food,soda and no shelf space
P- My last house PARTY was: Hasbro
Q- A QUICK meal I like to fix is: tacos
R- My favorite ROOM of the house is: my room
S- The SHAMPOO brand I use is: depends on my hair and its activity
T- My largest TELEVISION is: 36 inches
U- UNDER my bed you will find: gun cases,targets and shoes..sometimes the bunny hangs out there too
V- The last time I VACUUMED was: today
W- Looking out my WINDOW I see: which window?..grass neighbors or the bounce house
X- I wish I had X-TRA: money ..I can ALWAYS have more money
Y- My YARD is: kid land.except my flowerbeds
Z- ZZZZZZZ My bedtime is: who knows..before 7 a.m..usually between 3 and 5 a.m

I know I am boring..lol.Thanks Brandy,I would never have thought of telling anyone half of this stuff!

If you want to join in,copy and paste the questions for easy fill in (compliments of my doing so from Brandy)

A- My AIR CONDITIONER is set on:

B- My BEDROOM theme is:
C- The CAR in the driveway is:
D- My DESK looks:
E- The EXACT time I wake up daily is:
F- The FIRST thing I wash in the shower is:
G- My GARAGE is filled with:
H- My HOUSE is:
I- If you peeked INSIDE my bedroom you'd see:
J- My favorite JUICE is:
K- The best part of my KITCHEN is:
L- The LAST person who visited my home was:
M- The last piece of MAIL for me was:
N- My NEIGHBORS think I'm:
O- If you OPENED my fridge you'd see:
P- My last house PARTY was:
Q- A QUICK meal I like to fix is:
R- My favorite ROOM of the house is:
S- The SHAMPOO brand I use is:
T- My largest TELEVISION is:
U- UNDER my bed you will find:
V- The last time I VACUUMED was:
W- Looking out my WINDOW I see:
X- I wish I had X-TRA:
Y- My YARD is:
Z- ZZZZZZZ My bedtime is:

Have fun!

Have A Great Day

Sunday, August 8, 2010

DG won the CSN Giveaway

My CSN Stores Giveaway has come to an end.I have chosen a winner via random.org.

Out of 92 entries,the winner was -
#12 DG who blogged about the giveaway.

I have emailed the winner and am awaiting a response.

Have A Great Day

Summer Smash Reviews-Little Diva Tutus

As many of you know,my daughter is a self proclaimed princess.I know many little girls love to dress up,and Reagan is the same.Well...she is kind of the same,except she wants to wear her dress up clothes everywhere.Reagan is a stickler for matching (or what she believes is a perfect match) and accessories as well.The newest craze in our house are tutus.Reagan loves tutus.We have had custom tutu Halloween costumes for the past 2 years and have one this year as well.

My newest find in the fabulous world of tutus is Little Diva Tutus. Reagan chose the red,white and blue tutu  for the 4th of July.

This is after romping around for hours in it.The tutu is full and fluffy with layers and  layers of fabric,not just one or two.The tutus are tied aroubd the elastic to provide much more durable tutus.I have had some that came apart after 1 use.

She wanted me to use the pictures of her "outfit" and not of the final one she wore but you can still see how cute the tutu is.I love the bow in front that add flare to the tutu.I paired it with a red shirt and red,white and blue bows in her hair for the party.

The tutu has held together very well.I hand wash it and hang to dry and it has no tears or rips of any kind.The elastic allows them to grow and still use the tutu or share it with others for dress up fun! Reagan has shared this with her cousin Alyssa who is 3  and step sister Bri who is 10 and it fit both of them (although it is too short for the oldest)
The ordering process was simple.I was able to complete my order in minutes (after the hours of choosing what I wanted).Reagan is picky and I am worse,but we were very pleased with this choice. Delivery was super fast and the tutu was packaged well.

Little Diva Tutus  has a huge selection of items for any princess.I found this amazing infant outfit today.

My favorite is the Layla Grace

You can also find  Diva Party Kits ,

                                                                            and more!

 If you need a costume,party outfit or dress up set for your little princess..check them out!

You can even custom make your own selection of colors and accessories for a 1 of a kind look.Let me tell you these go over very well in pageants and costume contests too!

I was not compensated in any way for this post.The opinions are my own after trying the tutu for a few weeks.

Have A Great Day

Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Go Blog Her Join In The Fun!

So like many people,I am not going to Blog Her.I am not going to meet any fabulous bloggers or grab any cool stuff...or am I? Just because we can't all be there,doesn't mean we can't still meet people,have fun and grab some wonderful prizes while we are at it!

The savvy ladies at To Be Thode and Musings Of A Marfan Mom are hosting an event for those of us who aren't going..isn't that nice!

To participate they have some questions for us to answer.

1.When did you start blogging?
2.Why did you start blogging?
3.What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
4.Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite

1-I started blogging occasionally on myspace around 2006 or so.I started my current blog almost a year ago and do it regularly.
2-I started reading other blogs and liked the connections.
3-I am celebrating my grandmothers 69th birthday.
4-On of my favorite recent posts is-Our Crazy easter

 This is a great idea for a blog hop/event.I love the thought they put into this and the prizes are a wonderful bonus too! Join in the fun before its too late!

Have A Great Day

Friday, August 6, 2010

Giveaway Scout

I love giveaways!!!!!!!

I have been working hard trying to improve my blog and giveaways are a big part of that.I have searched out places to list them and try to get in on every linky I find.

Now,thanks to Giveaway Scout, I have a new place to spread the word.
Giveaway Scout is a site that scans
blogs looking for new giveaways. Once you register with them,your giveaways will be added to the list new and current followers to find.How cool is that? Not only can I find new giveaways to enter now,but I can help others find mine too!

Registration is free and very simple,so check it out for yourself!

Have A Great Day

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Blog Spark and Kroger Add Up the Savings Giveaway

With 5 kids,saving money is a must for me.I try to cut expenses in every way I can,and groceries is a BIG expense.My kids all like different foods,flavors and varieties;so pleasing everyone is a chore.I have managed to find a few items that all the kids can agree on and thanks to Kroger,we can help others at the same time.

The Kroger family of stores,(Kroger, Ralph´s, King Soopers, City Market, Dillons, Smith´s, Fry´s, QFC, Baker´s, Owen´s, Jay C Food Stores, Hilander, Gerbes, Food4Less, Pay Less Super Markets and Scott´s Food & Pharmacy) are bringing us the "Add Up the Savings" event.From August 8 through August 21, when you buy 8 participating items from any Kroger store, you´ll receive $4 off of your purchase.Kroger has many wonderful brands to chose from including Pillsbury,Cottonelle,Betty Crocker,Lucky Charms,Kleenex and more!

Not only can you save money,but you can help out too.Purchasing items with Box Tops For Education can help your favorite school.Simply go to Reward Your School and sign up,if you aren't already a member.After registering,you will automatically earn 5 Bonus Box Tops! You will also receive custom offers for Bonus Box Tops for purchasing participating products.

•Buy any 4 Box Tops products and get 10 Bonus Box Tops
•Buy any 8 Box Tops products and get 25 Bonus Box Tops

How would you like to get help with your expense cutting and grab some Box Tops for your kids school?
One of you will win a $25 gift card to Kroger!

Mandatory Entry-tell me what participating items you would buy

Extra Entries-
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Giveaway will end on August 19th at midnight.Winner will be chosen via random.org. Please leave your email in comment unless it is available in profile.

General Mills, Kimberly Clark and the Kroger Family of Stores provided me with the gift card, information, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark.The opinions are my own.

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