Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hampton Hotels Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

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Have you heard of the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes   ?
 Entry is free and easy so stop by and take a shot! You can win the grand prize of  a free stay for themselves and 100 friends at a Hampton for one weekend! The winner will also receive $5000 to help pay the tax !

Can you imagine a hotel full of you and your friends for a whole weekend? I am not sure there are 100 people I want to spend the weekend with but I would sure give it a try! I know I would invite my sisters and best friend,my favorite cousins,my darling husband of course and maybe even some of his friends if he is super nice! ( I don't really care for them but hey,fair is fair!) Besides we need some strong guys to haul all the party goods ,set up the chairs and games,fetch drinks for the ladies and clean up after!

I think I would start with some party games..maybe limbo or a dance contest.I know I would add in some poolside fun (the guys are rooting for a wet t-shirt contest). How about a big pillow fight? Throw in some great music,food,drinks and me of course and you have a party!

So what would you do? Who would you take with you? Would you include the kids or make it adult only?
Entering is a must to win,and anyone can win-even you! This could be a great ending to your year and give you the relaxation and vacation you deserve!

Sweepstakes is open to everyone-you do not have to have stayed there before.

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