Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crafting Mama for Nintendo-Coming Soon

Wanna know a secret? I love to play video games.Shhh don't tell my kids,they don't know I spend hours at night playing when they are asleep.I love to play on my Wii,the Nintendo DS and my computer the most,but I do  play the PSP and even Gameboy every now and then.

I was thrilled when I heard about a new game coming out in October..Crafting Mama.
Crafting Mama is the first dedicated crafting game for the Nintendo DS featuring 40 different craft projects …  you can make a new creation every time you play!

In Crafting Mama, players can create different projects in a huge range of crafts: from paper airplanes to  patchwork quilts, earrings, candles, kaleidoscopes, birdhouses, flower decorations and more! Using the stylus as a universal crafting tool, crafters can sew, mold, glue, cut and paint under Mama’s masterful direction.

Crafting Mama also includes new materials, colors and patterns to customize each project. Plus multiplayer support lets players create with a friend. Crafting Mama is guaranteed to turn Mama fans into crafty creators in no time!

When I first read about this game,I though of my daughter.We love to do crafts together.Every time my mom or gradmother come to our house,Reagan is trying to get out her craft boxes.We have done scrapbooks,ornaments,jewelry and more as a family.Last year we even gathered 4 generations to create her Halloween costume.Reagan is a huge fan of making everything  "her style" and I just know she would love this game.I am thinking this might be a great gift for Christmas.(Of course when we all get together I am sure this will rapidly become a group effort if the princess has anything to do with it!)

You can grab a copy for only $29.99..as soon as it is released.

I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am simply spreading the word.All information is from the company.

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