Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Smash Reviews-Little Diva Tutus

As many of you know,my daughter is a self proclaimed princess.I know many little girls love to dress up,and Reagan is the same.Well...she is kind of the same,except she wants to wear her dress up clothes everywhere.Reagan is a stickler for matching (or what she believes is a perfect match) and accessories as well.The newest craze in our house are tutus.Reagan loves tutus.We have had custom tutu Halloween costumes for the past 2 years and have one this year as well.

My newest find in the fabulous world of tutus is Little Diva Tutus. Reagan chose the red,white and blue tutu  for the 4th of July.

This is after romping around for hours in it.The tutu is full and fluffy with layers and  layers of fabric,not just one or two.The tutus are tied aroubd the elastic to provide much more durable tutus.I have had some that came apart after 1 use.

She wanted me to use the pictures of her "outfit" and not of the final one she wore but you can still see how cute the tutu is.I love the bow in front that add flare to the tutu.I paired it with a red shirt and red,white and blue bows in her hair for the party.

The tutu has held together very well.I hand wash it and hang to dry and it has no tears or rips of any kind.The elastic allows them to grow and still use the tutu or share it with others for dress up fun! Reagan has shared this with her cousin Alyssa who is 3  and step sister Bri who is 10 and it fit both of them (although it is too short for the oldest)
The ordering process was simple.I was able to complete my order in minutes (after the hours of choosing what I wanted).Reagan is picky and I am worse,but we were very pleased with this choice. Delivery was super fast and the tutu was packaged well.

Little Diva Tutus  has a huge selection of items for any princess.I found this amazing infant outfit today.

My favorite is the Layla Grace

You can also find  Diva Party Kits ,

                                                                            and more!

 If you need a costume,party outfit or dress up set for your little princess..check them out!

You can even custom make your own selection of colors and accessories for a 1 of a kind look.Let me tell you these go over very well in pageants and costume contests too!

I was not compensated in any way for this post.The opinions are my own after trying the tutu for a few weeks.

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