Friday, August 27, 2010

Eden Fantasys Divine Toy Box Review

As you probably already know,I love Eden Fantasys. I love the selection,the prices and the discretion too!
I have a collection of items from Eden Fantasys and have just added a new one to the list.

The Divine Toy Box in Pink Corset
I fell in love with the box when I first saw it.As a mom,I have to keep my bedroom fun items out of sight and reach of the children,especially my youngest who is 4.When I saw this,I knew it was the answer.Not only does this give me a great place to keep my toys and accessories,but it is cute too! The black vinyl combined with the pink corset top is too hot! Now I need this stretch lace corset to match.

I was a little unsure just how much stuff I could fit into the box at first.I excitedly awaited the delivery so I could find out.As usual I received my shipment super fast.I had the box in just 2-3 days; and it came packaged so even I didn't know what was in it until I opened it.

I immediately took the box in to see what all I could cram into it.To say I was amazed is an understatement.Here I was thinking I could put a few of my more risque items in it,and instead I fit about 20 different products inside.

This is only the bottom row.I laid these out to show how much space there is.As you can see even with  Kama-sutra Chocolate Body Paint , 3 tubes of Frosted Body icing and other assorted edibles and lubricants,there was still room for more.I was able to add toys,cleaner and more with room to spare.The box even comes with keys and a lock to keep little hands and eyes out!

I am super pleased with this toy box.Cute sturdy and useful..what more could you want!

I received the mentioned product to assist in this review as a product reviewer for Eden Fantasys.All opinions are my own.

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