Sunday, August 22, 2010

My New Blog

I have started a new blog.

.While I love sharing with my current readers,some companies/people are uncomfortable with sensitive material.I love my sponsors and readers,and want to continue in the same manner I have been here at 2 Monsters and A Princess.

My new blog,however,will be purely adult.I will be featuring adult products,reviews,conversation,information and more.I would love for you to follow me  if this material won't offend!
New blog link-Mommy Loves Sex

Please bear in mind,I just started.I do have GFC up and running so you can follow me.I will be adding more on both blogs soon.

I also need a button for the new blog.I am willing to pay a small fee or I will put your button on either  or both of my blogs in exchange-your choice.If you or someone you know can do a hot button for me,please email !

Have A Great Day


Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

hollowsins said...

who are you and what links?