Friday, August 13, 2010

Princess Reagan turns 4

My baby girl is growing up too fast.It seems like only yesterday she was a little thing learning to she is 4.I have been accused of spoiling her by ..oh just about everyone I know.I have a hard time telling my princess no..ever.

A couple weeks ago we celebrated Reagans' 4th birthday.If you have been reading my posts then you know I have been making the kids cakes this year..custom designs chosen by them.Reagan was no exception,she chose her cake design months ago.I'll give you a guess...yep a princess castle.

I designed this myself based on her color choices and requirements.The cake is actually 4 layers, 2 chocolate and 2 strawberry with strawberry icing between.I used edible glitter for the tower and the designs.The candy is dinner mints on top and the fizzy skittles around the layers.

Of course the princess had to have a pinata to match her cake.We filled it with butterfly rings,candy necklaces bracelets and rings,whistles,ring pops and more.

The kids spent awhile in the bounce house before going in for pizza and cake with birthday cake ice cream.

The gifts included zhu zhu pets and accessories,yoo- hoo and friends plush animals,polliwalks shoes,a Kidorable umbrella,about 10 outfits,dvds,games,coloring stuff ,money and more.Spoiled.

Reagan had a great day,which is all that matters to me and she got everything she asked for and more.I love my baby girl so much and I wish she could stay little forever!

Have A Great Day

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