Sunday, April 25, 2010

African Safari Wildlife Park Review

I told you I would be bringing you more fun from my recent trip..well this is the first stop.
I was roaming the internet,trying to find something fun to do when I spotted this site. At first I was did we get a Safari in Ohio? I mentioned it to my husband and we decided to go for it.
We arrived in Port Clinton and checked into our hotel (review to come).After getting everything settled we were off.The African Safari Wildlife Park,as with everything else in this section of Lake Erie,has more attractions during the summer season.We chose to go when we had the opportunity so we did miss out on a few fun things.

We arrived at the Safari and visited the gift shop first.The prices were about what I expected for  zoo/park gift shop but they did have a few cute shirts!
 I didn't mention that you drive your own vehicle through this, so I was kind of nervous about that.(We got our Montana less then 2 months ago.)We got the car in line and waited for instructions.The guide told us to keep the windows up or down.I was feeling bold,so I left mine down.We drove through the gate and entered the exhibit.The first thing you see are deer ,alpaca,guanaco and kudu.

They walk up to the car and stick their heads in to get carrots..that was cute.We did notice that the animals crowd and even tussle with each other for the treats.
Next we saw llama and zebras,
followed by buffalo/bison 


 and some crazy cow looking animal that had huge horns and was determined to lick me with its huge tongue

We paid $4.00 for a bag of 5 carrots that were gone within the first 50 feet .
They are supposed to have more animals (but it was early in the season).
There are too many of the small animals and they prevent you from driving at times.
The animals could have been cleaner and more groomed,but I guess that alters the "WILD" look of the attraction

I loved the experience,although I doubt it is the same as going on an actual Safari-this is more dessert then jungle type africa.
I was amazed that the animals were so calm, yet alert.I was able to pet a couple of them (although I am not sure if they reccomend that), and we were able to watch them run and chase one another and play in the water.
I did get some great pictures of the animals .
It was fun and worth the price-it cost us $30.00 for both plus the carrots.
I have never experienced anythign like it and my husband and I have a memory we won't forget.

I was not compensated for this.The trip was a small vacation for my husband and myself that I am sharing with my readers.
Have A Great Day

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I know I have been missing in action for the last week or so..well I was on Vacation!!
My husband and I got the chance to get away for a few days and needless to say, we took it.Don't get me wrong..I love my children,but a few days of relaxing and focusing on each other was just what we needed.Since we wanted to be close and didn't have lots of time to plan,we decided to just do some small things over the course of a few days.I will be bringing you more including a few reviews and pictures of some of the places we went,so be on the lookout!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Postcard Printing 100 Postcards Giveaway


                                When it comes to detail,I am a very picky person .I hate to take a picture and have it come out blurred I cannot stand to  buy a poster and then wish it was resized or focused more on a certain aspect of it.I have made them take 20 poses at the portrait studio before selecting even 1 that I like.

Now I have a great resource for getting images exactly as I want them. My Postcard Printing has solved this delima for me.Through the site you can create many different types of items and you can personalize them as you want them.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rockin Green Soap Giveaway

Rockin Green soap is a laundry detergent that is free of dyes, enzymes, whiteners and brighteners.Rockin’ Green is also 100% phosphate free,SLS free and animal by-product free, never tested on animals…biodegradable….and a bunch of other Mother Earth Rockin’ goodness!

The soap is strong enough to use on baby diapers to get out that dirty diaper smell,yet gentle enough to use on all your other laundry as well! They have a regular formula and  a hard water variety.Rockin’ Green was designed with hard water problems in mind, so even if you have had trouble finding things that work in the past, Rockin’ Green will surprise you. If you have soft water, you can use even less Rockin’ Green to get the same effect. Begin with 1 tbs, and adjust the amount as needed.

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My favorite part of Rockin Green is that they have such a nice scent variety.There are 10 unique scents and of course unscented too! I am ordering some Cherry Almond and Vanilla Buttercream..and maybe more..(it's hard to chose because I want them all).

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Our Crazy Easter

Easter in our house is hectic-like any other day! We had a split Easter this year, doing things the weekend of and the weekend before.

We live in a private community so they hold their own trick or treat,egg hunt etc.We took the kids to the community egg hunt on the 27th.The kids all had fun visiting with their new baby cousin Harley.
The boy had a chance to show off their hair,which is a favorite passtime of theirs-they get the craziest attention from older people when we are out.It does take forever to get them all standing and solid though and guess who gets to do it -me!
My princess had a blast finding eggs with her cousin Kate-and she even matched the eggs in her pink and purple outfit!

It was a nice day and later that day we also did the popcorn egg kit mentioned in my previous post.

Then on the 3rd we had our own egg hunt.We filled about 80 eggs with candy and money and hid them for the kids.We held it at my husbands twin brothers house this year because of the new baby.

My nephew Kaiden went with us.He had fun playing even if he didn't quite know what he was doing.

The fabulous daddies hid eggs everywhere in the back yard and let the children  loose-

After everyone found their loot, we went home to dye eggs.

This was Kaiden's first easter and he had fun playing in the dye-toxin free of course

Of course on Sunday I cooked dinner..I love food!

All in all it was a great Easter and I was glad to get together with everyone and have fun.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

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I Have Reached 100 Followers

Congrats to me..I have reached 100 followers.Actually right now it is 102! I am excited to have gotten this far and I hope to be able to do even more with you all soon!

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