Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Crazy Easter

Easter in our house is hectic-like any other day! We had a split Easter this year, doing things the weekend of and the weekend before.

We live in a private community so they hold their own trick or treat,egg hunt etc.We took the kids to the community egg hunt on the 27th.The kids all had fun visiting with their new baby cousin Harley.
The boy had a chance to show off their hair,which is a favorite passtime of theirs-they get the craziest attention from older people when we are out.It does take forever to get them all standing and solid though and guess who gets to do it -me!
My princess had a blast finding eggs with her cousin Kate-and she even matched the eggs in her pink and purple outfit!

It was a nice day and later that day we also did the popcorn egg kit mentioned in my previous post.

Then on the 3rd we had our own egg hunt.We filled about 80 eggs with candy and money and hid them for the kids.We held it at my husbands twin brothers house this year because of the new baby.

My nephew Kaiden went with us.He had fun playing even if he didn't quite know what he was doing.

The fabulous daddies hid eggs everywhere in the back yard and let the children  loose-

After everyone found their loot, we went home to dye eggs.

This was Kaiden's first easter and he had fun playing in the dye-toxin free of course

Of course on Sunday I cooked dinner..I love food!

All in all it was a great Easter and I was glad to get together with everyone and have fun.


furygirl3132 said...

Glad you had a great Easter. I am a new follower from Friday Follow, so pleased to "meet" you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


addicted2shius said...

Hi I'm a fellow FF and a mommy & stepmommy too! Hope you can follow my family's antics & maybe get some scrapbooking ideas too