Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mom Turns 50!!!

Last month,my sister,my cousin and I planned a party for my moms' 50th birthday.My mom is one of those people who give and give to others but never asks for anything herself.We decided to surprise her by gathering all 5 of her grandchildren,all 3 of her daughters and other assorted friends/family and throwing a luau party.

We had 4 generations of family  present and everyone enjoyed getting together.

I made the cakes.Both are chocolate fudge with chocolate ganache between the leyers.I used whipped milk chocolate icing with dark chocolate drizzle.My mom loves chocolate! We served it with guessed it..chocolate ice cream.It only took me about 5 hours to do.

The kids played in the bounce house,pool and on the power vehicles while the adults played limbo and hula hoop contests.Mom received a digital photo frame,decorator pillows for her living room,a throw,bath and body works stuff,gift cards,cash and more.


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