Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Smash Reviews-Edible Arrangements

The other day I was at a loss for a birthday gift for my cousin.I thought of flowers,but she always gets those.Candy is good,yet everyone else likes different kinds then I do ,which makes it hard to chose.Just when I was about to give up and go with cash,my mom reminded me that I had been wanting to use Edible Arrangements.

I love the selection available at Edible Arrangements. I knew from the television commercials that they had the fruit arrangements and that is what I was expecting.I was surprised and amazed by the other options they have.

Not only can you get the bouquet type arrangements in a huge variety of styles and fruits,but you can get centerpieces,desserts and shower gifts as well.I chose these dipped fruits with extra balloons for my order.

The process was simple and the delivery was fantastic.My cousin was not home when they came to deliver,so they called me.I asked them to try back later and they did with no problem.They even left a note and called to confirm she was home on their 3rd attempt.I was pleased with this extra service and devotion to getting my order delivered.

  I love these chocolate roses and beautiful dipped berries!


They even have something for men,like this fabulous Harley Davidson arrangement coming soon

Edible arrangements can also help you with your party or wedding needs.Simply call them and find out all the awesome choices you can have.

From birthdays to anniversaries; graduations to retirement,you can find what you need and more.

I was not compensated for this post in any way.

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WOW! Thanks for sharing such a great idea of Edible Arrangements