Thursday, January 7, 2010

General Mills Reduces Sugar For A Healthier You Plus Coupon Too

General Mills announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals directed at kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving. General Mills  has already been reducing sugar in cereals and  increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.

A few benefits of regular cereal consumption are-
•Ready-to-eat cereals, including presweetened cereals, account for only 5% of sugar in children´s diets.

•Ready-to-eat cereal is the No. 1 source of whole grains in a child´s diet today.

•More frequent cereal eaters tend to have healthier body weights and lower Body Mass Index measures.

I myself am a huge fan of General Mills cereals and so are the kids! I was lucky enough to be sent 4 coupons for free General Mills cereals from them via My Blog Spark!

I managed to get 4 great items with my free coupons .My boys  Love the Cinnamon Toast Crunch but my daughter fell in love with the New Swirled Lucky Charms..she loves the rainbows and swirled heart shapes.
I did have an issue of not finding large enough boxes to take full advantage of the $6.00 value of each coupon..the most expensive I found was a little over $4.00 for the Cheerios,however that is not a bad thing, it just means you get a great value for your money! The Cheerios box was huge and  had over a pound and a half of cereal!
Thank you to My Blog Spark for providing the great coupons! You can get your own $1.00 off coupon by clicking on the title of this post which will take you to coupon print page!
The opinions are my own and my childrens with the health info taken from the site.I was not paid for this review only provided with the coupons to try the cereals.

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