Friday, January 15, 2010

Leap Frog Zippity Review

Around christmas I won a Leap Frog Zippity from The Not So Blog .I thought it looked so cute and even went to check it out at the store before it arrived.I am a huge Leap Frog fan anyway and this was a great addition to our collection.

I gave this to my daughter as a "just because" present since I had already finished my christmas shopping and I had won a Swinxs that went to the older to come on that one too.

My daughter Reagan is 3 and she loves Disney characters which are the focus of the Zippity.When it arrived I opened it right away and of course I didn't have the right batteries so I had to go get some for it before Reagan had heart failure from is very impatient.Once we had everything ready we hooked it up for her.First I will say connecting the Zippity is very easy, all we had to do was plug in a couple of cables to the tv and bam! finished.

Reagan loved that she could control it herself once we told her what to do.I think it is very kid friendly and easy to use not to mention loads of fun! The Zippity came loaded with 4 character games..including Handy Manny and My friends Tigger and Pooh with 2 levels for each character.Some of the games use the pad by stepping on the color indicated and some use the joystick type part that is in the front of the pad.Both functions are very simple and fun to do.Reagan has played with this multiple times and she never gets tired of doing so.Reagans favorite is the dancing game where you pick a color and the character dances to your choices..she loves trying to immitate the twirling and spinning .

I think the Zippity is a fabulous choice because it entertains and helps with color matching,hand eye coordination and comprehension too!

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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I reviewed the Zippity and Aiyana (age 3) loved it! She loves dancing with the Little Einstein characters!