Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Loved Real Steel

I don't wait for movies to be released very often.Most of the previews I see don't interest me enough to battle the crowds,find a sitter and spend $40 to see a movie,more if I have to pay my sister to watch the kids.Not to mention doing so in a crowded theater where people are loud and get on my nerves.

That said,there are some movies I have wanted to see strongly enough to do just that.In the past year that has happened about three times that I remember.I waited to see my beloved Rise of the Planet of the Apes and am working on going to see Hunger Games now.The only other time I would have done it was to see Real Steel,which I ended up waiting for and grabbing from the Blockbuster kiosk for $2.99.

If you aren't familiar with the movie,it is set on the year 2020 and is about a boy (Dakota Goyo) who is sent to his father after his mother dies.His father,(Hugh Jackman),agrees to keep the boy for the summer,and then give full custody to his aunt and uncle when they return from a second honeymoon.In exchange the uncle gives him $100,000.

Charlie and Max (Jackman and Goyo) don't hit it off so well at first,but eventually the two bond over the sport of robot boxing.During a trip to the junkyard to steal scraps for building a new robot,Max falls over a ledge and is saved by catching on the hand of a buried robot.He insists on keeping it and digs it out himself.

They discover the robot,Atom,is a Generation 2 sparring bot built in 2014.Built to take damage but not dish it out,Charlie insists he isn't worth the time,but Max pushes him to fight Atom anyway.Atom wins and begins his trip to fame on the fighting circuit shortly after.Using his special "shadow" feature,Atom can mimic the movements of a human controller,allowing him to fight in a different style than the other bots.

There is more to the story but I don't want to give everything away.I will say I was pleased with the film,as I thought I would be and I watched it more than once while we had it.If you like boxing,robots or just fun movies,I suggest grabbing this when you get a chance.

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Veronica said...

Nice read! I definitely have the same feelings towards movie theaters like you and only wait for certain movies to spend the extra money on. Real Steel was supposed to be one of those exceptions for me as well, but I honestly totally forgot about it and just came around to watching it last night. I rented it through my Blockbuster @Home package (Netflix like service) I have with my DISH subscription. I’m a huge boxing and robot fan, so I enjoyed this movie very much! My little crush on Hugh Jackman also helped lol. Thankfully I don’t have any late fees to worry about with how I rented it, so I’m looking forward to watching it a few more times with a couple of my coworkers from DISH this weekend. I hope they love it as much as we did! :)