Monday, April 23, 2012

My Hp Slimline and Norton Fiasco

As you know by now,my old computer went kaput on me.It had been slowing down and acting ignorant for awhile,so it wasn't a big surprise,but I hate the process of getting a new one.Ugh

After my Walmart experience,I shopped around online and eventually found the HP Slimline at Best Buy.I didn't need to replace my monitor,keyboard or other parts,so all I needed was the tower.My husband picked it up for me on his way home from work and switched it out with the old one later that evening.

The next day I called Norton support to have them transfer my 360 to the new computer.After a few minutes of explaining,the representative offered to do the remote access and get my system ready to go.He ran the scan to check for any issues and told me he couldn't install my product because my computer had 50 registry errors on it.Yes,you read that right..50 errors.We are talking about a computer that was 2 days old.I had not installed anything on it or done anything except connect it to my router,printer etc.return it to the store.

I then called Best Buy,explained what happened and was told to bring it in to the "Geek Squad" to have it fixed or replaced.What a pain,the store is a half hour away.I took it back when I got a chance and after connecting it and looking for a few minutes,the "geek" told me there was nothing wrong with it.i was told he checked for errors and found nothing at all.His solution was to call Norton back and tell them to check again.

So tomorrow I will begin phase 2 of the process to get my new computer totally set up and functioning to it's full abilities.Until then...

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