Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Great Kapok Tree

I read a book with my daughter for school a few weeks ago called The Great Kapok Tree,by Lynne Cherry.This is a super cute book about the animals in the Amazon Rain Forest who live in this amazing tree.The Kapok Tree is home to a wide variety of animals from frogs and birds to sloths and anteaters. When a man comes to chop down their home,each of the animals tells how they use,and rely on,the tree for their survival.

I thought this was a great story and my daughter enjoyed it too.She learned about a few animals she knew and some she didn't,plus the story of the tree and how it supports such a wide variety of life.I think this is a good story to share with your children.It would be perfect for a school session or a bedtime story,and the lesson behind it makes it a great discussion piece too.

This was a required book for us,but I am sure you can pick it up at the local library or grab a copy of your own   from Amazon for under $10.With the beautiful pictures,colorful animals and even a map on the inside cover,I bet your little ones will like it as much as mine did!

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