Saturday, April 7, 2012

The PS3 House Party Comes To An End

For the past year,I have been participating in the Playstation Network House Party through have really enjoyed meeting other PS3 owners and reading their opinions on characters,music and all other parts of the games.

Of course,another bonus of being part of this community were the great prizes.Each month we did missions,posts etc. for points that were accumulated through the month.At the end of each month,you were sent a prize depending on which of the 3 tiers you had reached.It was fairly simple to reach the top tier and earn the best prizes,but I didn't realize this until I had missed out on the first few months :(

In the end,I did pretty well I think.I managed to snag
a Little Big Planet 2 Sackboy plush figure that I love
2 PS3 glass tumblers
a set of LBP2 bookends
a USB car charger
a flashlight
a Playstation collectible ( I don't know what this one will be,it hasn't arrived yet)
a PS3 koozie
NBA 2011 poster
Jack and Daxter poster
 and of course some games including
MLB 2012 The Show
The Jack and Daxter Collection
Medieval Moves :Deadmunds Quest
Uncharted 3
The Resistance Duel Pack and
Gran Turismo 5XL

Not bad for about and hour a week or less.If I had participated the first months,this list would probably be doubled.These are the prizes I have earned in the past 6 months or so.I hope they decide to do another year..and I get selected again,but even if they don't,this year was a blast!

If you aren't signed up for House Party,I suggest doing so.They have many great opportunities to host a party and most of them are suitable for just about any family.I have participated in events sponsored by PS3 of course,as well as Digiorno,Silk,Freschetta,Pull-ups and more.

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