Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Captain America-The First Avenger3D

So my husband and I went to see Captain America at AMC this weekend.Now I admit I am not the biggest fan of super hero movies because they are usually more hype then anything else.I was not real impressed with the Spiderman series,The Hulk was a bomb,and so, I was not expecting much from this one either.

Brad had waited for this ones for months though,so you know as a loving wife I had to go with him.Then he decided he wanted to see it in 3D..geez.

Based on the Marvel character Captain America
The first part of the movie was a bit slow for me.Opening with present day scientists making a discovery in the ice,then switching to WWII and a gangly Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) trying to get in the army..and failing miserably.I know this was needed to get into the core of the film,but still I found myself getting a little bored.Once it picked up though,it really was much better then I had thought.I liked that they stuck to much of the original story but some of the changes weren't so impressive.Bucky died a little early for me but maybe that's due to not following Captain America as much as my husband.It was a little hard to swallow ray guns during WWII,or hovercraft type vehicles.I did like that they included  Howard Stark (Dominik Cooper).If you don't know or remember he is the father of Tony Stark..aka..Ironman.

The 3D effect was a little disappointing for me.There were some areas where it made a difference,the depth was there but only a few places really jumped out at me.Much of the movie it really had no effect except to make it impossible to watch it without the glasses. I found myself getting a headache from it actually,which I think had to do with the darkness of much of the film mixed with the 3D itself.My husband said he started to get a headache as well,so I know it wasn't just me.

All in all the film was great for what it was.I am not sure it was worth $27.00 for 2 tickets plus another $12.00 for pizza and drinks at Sbarro in the mall while we waited for the movie,but it made the husband happy.I would watch it again..who am I kidding..I will end up owning it anyway thanks to you know who.I imagine the boys will want to see this one too.

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