Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Movie Reviews-Big Mommas'-Like Father Like Son

I told you we like to watch movies around here.I hate to pay for a ticket,wait forever for previews and listen to a bunch of idiots making noise,yelling at the screen and being jackasses in general.So once again we went to the Blockbuster kiosk and grabbed the new Big Momma movie.I will be the first to admit,these movies aren't the kind you watch when you want serious action,or serious anything for that matter,but they still work to pass the time.

I was surprised to find that in this version, Martin Lawrence dressing up as Big Momma was more to blend in while hiding his son Trent, then to actually solve a case.Trent witnesses a crime and has to be hidden from the bad guys until they are jailed.To do this he dresses like a girl as well and joins an all girls school.Once in the school they work to uncover all the details and connections between the crime and the school itself.The plot was a little stupid really and I think they should just stop here while they are still ahead..even just a little bit.The first 20 minutes were the best of the whole movie and it was downhill after that.This was my least favorite of the series and I wouldn't suggest wasting your money to watch it any other way.It may be worth a dollar from the kiosk but that's about it!

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