Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No Work Spanish Really Works

I have noticed in the recent years that it will soon be necessary for my children to speak another language.As the US becomes more and more diverse,the need for a way to communicate is vital.I took a few languages in school so I have tried to teach them a little here and there,but I admit I don't remember half of what I used to know.

When I was offered the chance to try No Work Spanish, I thought this might be the perfect way to touch up my Spanish and maybe teach them a little more as well.The point of No Work Spanish is just that,no work.It is meant to be learned the way we learned our first language,by listening and repeating.Each sentence is said first in English and then repeated in Spanish.Once this is complete the story is read again in Spanish to help reinforce what you just heard.This concept is like learning a song by hearing it over and over again,you don't try to memorize the words but each time you hear it playing you realize you know more and more of it.

I was sent Yaks March on Washington and Poster Girl to try.When they first arrived,my kids thought they were for school,and were none to happy to be getting school stuff during the summer.Once I convinced them that these were in fact supposed to be fun for them and not required,they were much more open to trying them out with me.
The story's are entertaining and the kids found parts of them to be very funny. I did notice though that toward the end they started to get fidgety and restless until they eventually got up to go play.

The kids did find it entertaining to learn this way,although I think they are a bit much for the younger kids.My boys didn't have much trouble repeating what they learned but my daughter was lost.Reagan is only 5 and was 4 when we tried these,so I wasn't surprised that they were too advanced for her,but would love to see a version geared a bit more at the younger ages.The boys though do know more words then they did before trying these,so they did work at some level.I think had they spent more time doing them,the results would have been better.I do think they are perfect for someone who wants to learn but doesn't have much time.You could do these in the car,while taking a bath,relaxing by the pool and much more.I use them while relaxing in the bubble bath and try to do some each week for a refresher,now I just need more books!

While I would not buy these for a child just learning to speak,I would recommend them for someone wanting to learn a little when they can,where they can at their own pace.I think the sentences,while not beginner lever,are not too difficult and the way they are weaved into a story makes grasping the use that much more simple.
You can see more on the books, as well as try the first 3 chapters of a book free by going here. You can purchase them through MP3 download at both Amazon and CD Baby.

* I was sent the mentioned products to assist in my review.The opinions are my own from personal experience.

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