Monday, July 4, 2011

What A Weekend!!

So of course, since it was the 4th, and every other person in my family depends on me to organize get-togethers of any kind,once again,I was running around like a crazy lady trying to get everything done in time.I managed to get everyone invited,grab the food and other items I needed and straighten up the house in time.This might have even been great had my sister not decided to be over an hour late.I hate when people are late.I mean 5 minutes is fine but once an hour has passed,I am beyond irritated.I cannot stand to's a flaw some say,but for me ,it is normal.I yell and complain at whomever caused me to have to matter what the reason behind it.

So anyway,after waiting and being annoyed,my sister arrived and guess what..she hadn't finished her noodle dish yet! I could just kill her I swear.After another half hour of listening to the children complain they wanted to eat,we were finally ready.We had bbq chicken breast,hot dogs and burgers as well as jello cake,brownies,pasta salad,baked beans,deviled egs and more.

The rest of the day went pretty well.My grandmother came as well as my sister and of course the whole bunch here.I had planned for there to be more people but my mom had planned a visit with my great-grandmother,and my other sister was catching a ride with her, so we made do with just us.

The food was great,but the company is what makes the gatherings in our family.My sisters and I are all close and even with the sibling rivalry that never seems to end,we would all do anything for one another.I love being able to get us all together with our kids and visit.I have the oldest 3 followed by my middle sister who has my only niece and is pregnant again..woo-hoo,and my baby sister who has my only nephew.

The kids enjoy hanging all over my grandmother, and since none of my cousins have any children,they are her only great grand-children.She loves to be able to spend time with them and that's ok with me.I am grateful we all share a bond that won't break.I see the way some families are today and wonder how they can even call themselves family at all!

After a few hours everyone was tired and ready to call it a day.We packed away the food,cleaned up the kitchen and said our goodbyes.It was a great day in the end and I look forward to the next one!

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Terra H. said...

So glad you had a great 4th of July. I have to agree, a few minutes of late is okay. After that, I'm fuming. The food spread looks good.