Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Crazy Babies-Chasing the Rat

My children are the world to me.They never fail to make me laugh with the crazy things they do.This weekend we were staying at my sisters to visit and have a yard sale.My niece,Alyssa,had recently lost her rat due to mishandling by a friend,so she had gotten 2 new ones to replace her beloved Milkshake.

If you read my blog,you know my Reagan is a princess to the core.Not only does she act like she is royalty,she expects everyone else to treat her that way too.Sometimes,this can cause havoc and that is exactly what happened with Alyssa.Reagan was anxious to hold the new rats,but knowing her and her adversity to things crawling on her,I said no.Of course being Princess Reagan,she decided she was going to hold it anyway..for all of 3 seconds until it tried to crawl up her arm.Reagan proceeded to scream bloody murder and drop the rat to the floor where it scampered under the sectional.

My sister was unfazed by this,as Milkshake would run all over until he was put back in his cage.This,however,was a new rat,and instead, he decided to stay where he was.The rest of the day was spent looking for the rat all over the living room,kitchen,den and playroom to no avail.When it came night and time to settle down,we still had not found the rat.I might not have cared so much,but because of all the kids in the extra room,I was sleeping on the couch..yeah right above the rat.I have had mice as pets before..in a cage..but sleeping in the room with a loose rat was a little unsettling so I began to hunt for it again.

I finally found the rat hiding up in the underside of the middle piece of the sectional.The only problem was,there was no way to get to it.I lucked out when my sisters friend came in to get a drink( she was staying for the yard sale too).I talked her into helping me catch the rat but because she was afraid of it,she would only tip the sectional so it would slide down to where i waited to catch it.Yeah,easier said then done.After about 50 attempts to snag it,I finally managed to get hold of it and put it back in its cage.Then I laid down to sleep for the whole 4 hours left until yard sale time.

When morning came,I awoke to find the kids had gotten the rat out and yes,they let it go again! Where did it go..right back in the couch..grr.This time at least we knew where to look and how to get it so it only took about 10 minutes to capture it and return it to its cage,which I then rigged so the kids couldn't open it again.What a day!

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