Monday, June 6, 2011

America's Got Talent...Sometimes

Ok,I have a confession.I like America's Got Talent.I know,I know..yet another television competition...but,I can't help it,I always see the coolest shit on that show.I mean,seriously,did you watch it today? From sassy little rappers to awesome dance teams,it was a great show!

I have another confession.I watch the audition shows to laugh at the crazy people who think they have talent.I do the same thing with American Idol.Some dumb idiot gets on stage and sings like a herd of dying cattle and expects us to be impressed...hah! I love when people can bring the room to it's feet with their talent too,but watching the dummies is,by far, the best.

I will continue to watch the show until either I get bored with it or it ends,whichever comes first.What about you? Do you watch these kind of shows? Do you make it through to the end or quit watching somewhere in the season?

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