Monday, June 13, 2011

No More Deli Work For Me

I quit my job Thursday.I know that probably sounds selfish in these times when so many people are out of work ,but it's the truth.I took enough,dealt with numerous issues and tolerated entirely too much bullshit in my time there and I am done with it.

I need a new job,any ideas? Anyone live in or close to Circleville,Ohio and need a hard working,dedicated,fun-loving mom to work for them? I can type,file and fax.I can cook,scrub and serve.I can work a register,man the phone,design the display,advertise the sale and work the crowd.I can maintain chaos,calm irritation,soothe fears,dress wounds and all the other fun stuff moms do too,but I doubt anyone will hire me for those!

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Time4Mommy said...

I hope you find another job. I don't think it's selfish you quit at all. Sometimes the stress isn't worth it and it will effect your entire family. Good luck.