Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Next-the House Cleaning Horror Story

So I told you that I quit my job.Just because I am not working full time,doesn't mean I am not working.My sister and I have lined up a few things we are doing for extra cash this summer.We have kids..they like to go to the water park,the zoo,camping,the fair or festival of the week etc,etc,etc.We figure,why not get some things done that we need to do anyway and get busy earning some cash.I will tell you more about those later but now I want to tell you about our recent experience.

My sisters' boyfriend mentioned to her that his mom needed someone to clean out one of her houses.She calls me up and asks if I want to help her clean..I am thinking basic cleaning so I agreed.

When we arrived,the house looked fine from the trash in the yard or piles of junk so I am thinking,ok a few hours work,tops and we are done.Then I walked in the door.We walked in the kitchen to find so many dishes you couldn't see the counters at all.The floor had a walkway through the piles of trash and their was a smell I couldn't identify.We walked through into the dining room which consisted of more trash,a table that would have been really nice,had you been able to get to or sit at it,and other assorted treasures.The only things I could make out in the living room were the couch,chair and television..well that and an inch-thick layer of dust everywhere.

Once we got cleaning we discovered there was a rug for the living room buried in the trash,there were actually multiple stands and end tables among the living room/dining room mess as well. We found games for the Playstation (yeah the original one),board games like classic Life and Hangman from about 20 years ago,books and magazines from the 80's,we even found canned food in the kitchen from as far back as 2003!

When all was said and done,we had removed about 15 industrial sized bags of trash from the 3 rooms along with about 10 boxes that had been filled with random junk.We managed to accumulate about 3 baskets of laundry and an entire tote full of shoes.We spent about 12 hours on this portion of the job,now there is still the basement and upstairs to do as well,but I don't think I am going to be part of that one..I had to scrub in the shower for ever just to feel clean again after our first trip!

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