Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Smilebooks Experience

I have a new task that needs my attention.I realized I seriously need to organize my photos.I,like many others,love to have pictures to preserve memories...any memories...all get the idea.I take lots of pictures every chance I get.Sometimes,I need to upload a photo for something but don't remember what file it is in. I do this at least weekly.I have a bad habit of letting the photos sit on my phone for weeks and end up with folders of various mixed pics.I had this experience recently when making a book with Smilebooks.

I was given the chance to create a personalized photo book using their unique photo book creator.In the past,I have had experience with these types of  products and usually liked the results,but let me tell you,I loved making this one! I decided to take the opportunity to make a book for my husband.It's usually me behind the camera and yet somehow,I have few pictures of my sexy man. I did,however,end up with quite a cute book full of photos of our best moments,family times,holidays and more.

I love the Smilebooks editor.Using the awesome software,I was able to choose everything from how many pictures were on a page to how they were laid out.I could pick softcover or hard.I could select from lots of different backgrounds,add clip art,even insert my own text wherever I liked.I used layouts from 1  large photo per page up to about 12,but you can do more if you like.The backgrounds were great too.I included poinsettia,hearts,the beach,clouds,a sunset and more for my book. Using the text editor,I created titles for the pages and the book itself, and even dates or notes on the photos.You can even adjust the position of each picture so you get just the shot you want for the book.

The creation process was quite simple,once I got the hang of it.I was able to totally finish my book in about 2 days.This might seem like awhile to some but I am very specific.You can also use the templates for a faster creation if you like.Ordering was a snap,I entered my information and had a confirmation email right away.I was amazed to receive a shipping email just 2 day later! This was super fast for a custom book and I was excited for it to arrive.

I happened to receive the book when my sister was visiting so we sat down to review it before giving it to the husband.I liked that it was packaged in a sleeve to prevent scratches,attached to a backing and wrapped in plastic.This was then put into a box for shipping.My book arrived perfect with no scratches or flaws.She was so pleased with it,she asked for the information so she could check them out herself.

My husband will receive his book today.I am sure he will love it just as I did! For that special someone in your life or just a keepsake for yourself,be sure to check out Smilebooks!!

*I was given a sample book to assist in my review.No other compensation was received and a positive review was not required.The opinions are my own.

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