Monday, April 18, 2011

Eden Fantasys Gift Giving Experience

                                 This is intended for mature readers only.Sexual content included!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys storeThanks again to everyone who entered my latest Eden Fantasys giveaway.I really enjoy their products and am always happy to share them with you.In fact,I recently received some interesting new items that I thought you might like.We had a goodbye party for one of our managers at work recently.We are not a normal work group because we all have gutter minds sometimes.My boss had been telling us about his lack of sexual satisfaction at home and so we decided to help him out in this area before he left.

We though it would be funny to give him some type of candy so we ended up going with these gummy boobs.They come in a 5.3 oz. variety pack of 3 flavors and are a big hit with the guys.

My co-worker had recently been given a Tenga egg  from me to try with her husband and she suggested I get one for the boss too.I guess it was a success.I think these Tenga eggs are a fun gift that is great for any man who likes to self satisfy.They come in a variety of textures so grab one of each and see what works best or pick one and try it out.This masturbation sleeve can be used alone,OR you can also use it on your man for a little extra closeness.These are also great for those times when you just can't/don't want to have sex.They stretch and stretch so the fit should be good for just about anyone.Made of food grade material and latex free,this is a fabulous gift that gives back!

We wrapped his gifts in the female gift wrap,which brought an immediate smile to his face and the faces of the other men present too.It comes with 2 sheets of wrap which is enough to wrap several small gifts or 2 clothing sized gifts.The only thing I had to complain about with this was I don't think the women are at all attractive.I would have chosen a totally different group for it as the ones in it remind me of 80's porn stars.Then again,I am not attracted to women so maybe I am wrong about this.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post.I am an Eden Fantasys Ambassador and wanted to share my most recent finds with you.

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