Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going Wireless

So I know lots of people already have this done in their homes,but for me it is a new thing.I never really had a need to go totally wireless in the house,my computer works fine without it and I have WiFi on my phone already, but now that we have a PS3,a Wii,a computer, a PSP and a printer that will all run wireless,we decided it was time for a switch.

I had really no idea what type of equipment we needed,so after calling Time Warner and being told to go to WalMart for a router,off we went in search of connection cord freedom.The people at Walmart electronics department know next to nothing about routers.After looking for about 15 minutes myself,I asked them for assistance.Basically I wanted to know which one was best for all my equipment,especially the gaming so there would be no lag or delay of any sort.The lady tried to tell me they were all the same but thankfully I was smart enough to know that wasn't right.

After a couple more trips and some research we ended up going with the Netgear premium option or whatever it was called.It cost $79.99 but is a one time investment over a monthly fee and installation costs for getting it through Time Warner.

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