Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Happened to the World-People

I am ashamed of the world we live in.I am amazed by the things people do and what we have become.
What makes people the way they are? Some think it is circumstance,that the way you are raised is the way you will be.I think this is an excuse for the people who aren't strong enough to stand on their own and think for themselves.Others believe it is your culture that forms your being,but again you have a CHOICE in the things you do in your life.Some say you can't change what you have become,I believe they are to weak to try.

The world we live in is a scary place and it shouldn't be.We shouldn't be afraid to go out at night or walk alone somewhere secluded.We shouldn't have to watch our children every second of the day to protect them from the monsters that lurk,but we do.Why should I have to be careful who I talk to or where I go? Why should you have to lock up everything you have to keep it from the fingers of those too lazy to work for it themselves?

I am disgusted by the amount of people who live off the system that was meant to be a helping hand when it was needed.When those who are truly having a rough time cannot even get the help they need because of the ones who abuse our country for all it is worth.I am sickened by the criminals who get to live for free while other hard working people struggle to make ends meet.I am embarassed to call myself an American when I know how many sick, twisted,perverse creatures share the same air I breathe.

I believe the world wasn't meant to be this way.It is the fault of its' inhabitants that it has become what it is.It is our failure to stand up for what is right that has allowed things to become this bad.When you can turn your head against the abuse of a child because you don't want to "get involved".When you know your neighbor,sibling or friend is in trouble,yet you do nothing until it is too late.Nobody notices the troubled child until they kill someone else or themselves.Nowone cares about the little old lady next door who has no family to worry about her.We don't stop to wonder how the homeless person became that way,we only try to get away from them as fast as we can.

What happened to this world and why did we let it get that way? I am not old enough to say I remember when everything was better,but I am old enough to know that it was.I am wise enough to know we have to make a change,if not for ourselves then for the future of our children.We have to find ways to change things for the better instead of helping them get worse.

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