Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picture Pretty with Kodak

I got a new printer! I had enough of my old one,it was just that..old.Probably a little over 3 years old.I know 3 years doesn't mean much for some things,but in the world of computers,3 years is forever! It was a plain old ink jet that made copies but that's it.

I hadn't planned to buy a printer actually,I was going to buy a router so I could hook up WiFi.I happened to think of printers while I was already in Walmart for the 4th or 5th time in 2 days,and decided to look while I had it on my mind.I really don't need a printer for any certain thing,but once in awhile I will find something I have to copy or need to print.When that happens,I want a printer that will give me good quality printing at a reasonable price,will scan and copy whatever I need and that will run on WiFi.I am trying to make everything wireless.
I ended up with the Kodak  ESP C310

I love this printer so far!! The setup was easy, as was connecting it to Wifi.The pictures I have printed have turn out great and it fits on the top of my desk too!This has a handy fold out paper tray so I can close it when I am not using it and an easily accessible SD card slot too.

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