Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Easter Meal

 Well Easter is finally over and all the excitement and rushing that went into it was totally worth it.I mentioned before,that I decided to make the kids candy this year.Even though everything wasn't perfect,it turned out great.I made tons of fun stuff like chocolate covered cookies,candy coated pretzels,coconut nests with sugar baby eggs and more.The cherry,banana,butterscotch,peanut butter and chocolate suckers were a hit, as were the orange cream,raspberry and butter rum candy drops.

We had Butterfinger cake,funfetti cupcakes with strawberry cream filling and strawberry icing,chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse filling and decadent fudge icing,a big egg shaped chocolate chip cookie and MnMs to sprinkle on everything or nothing depending on the kids (ok and some adults too).I might have overdone the sweets but they are all gone now,so maybe not!

I also made ham,deviled eggs and cheesy hash browns,and the guests brought green bean casserole,pasta salad,mozzarella salad,Italian mushroom pasta,mac n cheese,baked beans and rolls.We had about 20 people for most of the party with a few extra here and there.Fun was had by all, but you will hear more about that in the coming posts.

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