Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Wonderful Husband and Mothers Day

I love my husband.I know we are supposed to love our husbands,but I know many people who live more like it is a routine then an actual feeling.When I think of my husband,it makes me smile..He may not be perfect,he may drive me crazy,but the simplest things he does make me absolutely over the top in love with him all over again.This year for Mothers' Day,he did it again.Not only did he get up with the kids and feed them breakfast,but I woke to him standing over the bed handing me a McDonald's bag which contained my favorite sausage gravy and biscuits...yum!

Once I had stuffed my face and got out of bed,I was given my cards and presents.I got some great MnMs candles -

My custom chocolate chip cookie (I got this for myself because I wanted one) Half birthday/half Mothers Day present to me

 My card from my oldest son Gage-

I also received money and Subway dinner as well as various handmade items from the kids.All in all it was a great day which I enjoyed spending with my husband and children until I had to go to work..blah!

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