Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mommy Pride with Giveaway Blogs

"I love my children.Some people say I love them a little too much because I tend to go overboard sometimes for them.I think it is my way of showing them how proud I am of everything they are and everything they do.

I have always had the theory that there is no point hiding the real world from our children.When there is something major happening in the world,I pull them together,we look it up online and discuss what we find.I am proud that they care what happens to others,that they get tears in their eyes when they see commercials about starving children or animal abuse.I am proud that they have learned not to see color or religion and only see the person that lies beneath.

I have tried to stress the importance of education with them,to teach them just how much knowledge can really mean.I am proud that they have taken what I started and turned it into Honor Roll awards,advanced classes and skipped grades.I enjoy watching them learn and seeing their smiles when they accomplish something they deem important.

I encourage individuality and self confidence in my babies,even in the face of adversity.I am proud that my children are all one of a kind.I love that they don't feel they have to fit in with the crowd or need to impress others,that by knowing so they have managed to do so much more.I am proud that they will speak out for what they believe in and stand up for what they deserve,no matter the opponent.

I have worked hard to give them everything I can.I have done my best, and have given my all, at being a mother every day of their lives and I am proud that they have in turn given me countless moments of breathless awe and utter joy, in just being the perfect creations they are."

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