Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Saturday,I Turned 31

Yep it's true.I am 31.I have been dreading this for a year now.Some people are afraid of turning 30 but that was really ok with me.It was 31 that bothered me more.I mean think about it..when you are 30 it still sounds young.If someone asked how old I was,when I told them they couldn't believe it.Now,however,I am older.I have to add a number after that 30..I am officially on my way to 40,then 50..

I had to work on my birthday this year but I did manage to snag some great gifts including Breast Cancer hair scrunchies, $100 to spend on me..woo-hoo and this fabulous chocolate cake the hubby made for me.

Reagan and I gave each other mud mask facials and we posed for pictures together

The highlight of my day,though,was the card from my husband which said-
"Quite simply,you are the best thing in my life and I love you" It is simple,but it says it all.It was a busy day that ended too fast for me.Because I had to work such long hours we had my choice of birthday dinner (I always want pizza) the night before.I was a little upset that the place I wanted it from had a wait of 90 minutes,but I got it from my second choice place instead-Go Boomers Pizza!

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