Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tiny Prints Has Awesome Fathers Day Cards

So it is getting closer and closer.The day when we all celebrate that special man in our life-our Dad.As I have mentioned before,I lost my dad 3 years ago and my grandfather in November, so when Fathers Day comes along,I buy for my husband alone.

For me, one of the best parts of any celebration is reading the cards and the sentiments written inside.When it comes to men,though,they usually want something a little more fun or original.I realized today that there are only 26 days left to get the perfect Fathers Day Cards for Brad.
I usually like to get something that is from me and then gifts from the kids too.When I went to browse the card selection at Tiny Prints,I found cards there were perfect for both the kids and myself.

I know in our family,my husband is the protector.It may be a new day and age,but he feels it is his duty to ensure the happiness and safety of the rest of us.I am a liberal woman,so this was a little hard for me to get used to,but now I just accept it as part of who he is.Being that he stands up for me any chance he gets,I feel it is my duty to make Fathers Day as special as I can for him to show him how much he is appreciated.
The unique styles and great selection make this the perfect place for that one of a kind card.Simply start with the base design and add your own photos and words to make it complete.You can even choose the option of adding a gift card that is good at places like Amazon,Home Depot and more! This is a perfect way to get a fantastic card with the gift already inside.I think Home depot is perfect for my husband because he loves to get new tools and accessories.

Of course,there are many other items to get as well.Turn those special memories into a great photo book,a beautiful canvas and more.Tiny Prints offers a quick and easy way to get things done for Dad this year,so be sure to stop by and look around for the father in your life.

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Tiny Prints also has a code for a free thank you card today. I used it for Father's Day.