Monday, February 22, 2010

No NIntendo Wii Anywhere!!!

I am so annoyed.For a few weeks now,I have been debating on getting a Nintendo Wii.I am not the biggest game player so the games are not  the reason I was considering it.I have Fibromyalgia and my specialist mentioned that Yoga might help.I asked her about the Wii Fit Plus and she said it could be a big plus for me.I decided to go ahead and get one and ran to Game Stop.I browsed the games and went to the counter only to discover that they had NONE.I though that was odd but hey, it happens.I proceeded to go to Walmart and again-NONE.I live in Ohio near Columbus and I checked every Walmart,Target,Sears,Game Stop,Best Buy and any other place I could think of.I even went to the Websites and looked..not available online.I checked the local stores listings on the sites and again-sold out,sold out.SOLD OUT!!

I understand some places being out, but I am talking a 100 mile radius and still nothing available.By this point I was very annoyed.I decided to check ebay and what do you know-there were thousands of listings for them.I love Ebay, don't get me wrong,but I think this is ridiculous.I did not see even 1 Wii close to the regular price at Walmart (or anywhere else for that matter).I am talking a mark up of at least 25% if not more .I understand everyone has to earn a buck,but I have a problem with Nintendo (or Sony or anyone else) making these readily available to wholesalers and such at a lower cost then the average consumer will pay, and then, making them unavailable to find anywhere else.I was informed by 5 different Wal-mart stores that they had no idea when they would see another Wii,360 or PS3.As a matter of fact they did not even have an order for them as they had been sold out for weeks.

With the economy the way it is and given the cost of these game stations,you would think the companies would be more concerned with supplying the average person who shops at the everyday stores.At an average of 200 dollars for a Wii and 100 for the Wii Fit Plus, add on remotes,covers,games and various other accessories and it is easy to spend well over $500 just to get set up.Now we have to pay jacked up prices and chance damage from shipping,negligent mail carriers,weather damage from being left outside by delivery drivers,waiting on the item to arrive etc,etc,etc.I am fed up!

I finally did make a purchase from ebay which cost me $400.00 for the Wii and Wii Fit Plus (100 over the Wal-mart price) and now I have to hope it gets here safely.Wish me luck!

I feel better now.Have a great day!


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