Saturday, October 16, 2010

Clean Your Teeth with Bryton Pick Review

I have been trying new oral care items in my house recently in an effort to stress the importance of proper oral hygiene.I have been stressing to them how important keeping your teeth clean really is.Yes,it helps to brush,but brushing alone doesn't do it all.

I was sent a product to assist with this healthy mouth awareness from Bryton Pick.Bryton Pick is a safe,effective way to clean between teeth.I have always hated floss.I seem to end up going down to far and cutting my gums.With the Bryton Pick,I didn't have this issue.I tried the  pink pick and gave my husband the green one to use.The center is plastic so you can get a good grip and each end is  flexible and flat to get between teeth.We didn't have any issues with getting the slim end to fit between our teeth and it is really simple to use.My darling husband says he didn't really see a difference between the job the Bryton pick does and regular floss,however he liked that it is small,handy and he doesn't have to mess with that stringy floss anymore.In his opinion, even if the cleaning is actually the same,the convenience and easy carry pouch out Bryton Pick aboue other methods.

I had a different reaction.I agree that this is simple and quick to use,but I think it is more attractive as well.You can keep a Bryton Pick in your purse or wallet for easy access,yet it stays safe and clean in the ouch.The pick is appealing to the eye,much more so then a string of wax between your teeth and using it is much more discreet.They offer a nice selection of colors so you can find one to match your decor or just in your favorite shade.I liked the Bryton pick and would use it again.I have even told a few of my friends they should grab a few for themselves and I expect that they probably will.

This Product Was a Free Giveaway from Bryton Pick and Tomoson which I received as a member and reviewer.The opinions are my own.

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