Friday, October 1, 2010

Bitch and Moan-People Piss Me Off

From the first time I read this,started by Annette ,I planned to participate.I get so far behind on email sometimes that I don't even read hers until Sunday and then,I am too late.So this week I made sure to come by and vent!

People really do piss me off. Who the hell gave a school bus driver permission to scream at my children on an intercom? I seriously wanted to grab her off the bus and smack the stupid out of her.I couldn't care less that she yelled at all the kids,not just mine.All that matters to me is she did,in fact,yell at my babies.So I did,in fact,call her boss and inform him that he better get his driver under control.I nicely informed him the next time she did that,I would be handling the situation for him.

Why do men think women can just know what the hell they think? Why do they assume that because it makes sense in their twisted man brain,that it makes perfect sense to me as well?
ATTN MEN-I do not know how you feet,what you mean,what you want,need or otherwise if you don't tell me! GRRR..some days I hate men!!

Why is it that people you work with THINK they can act as ignorant as they want and you won't care? Did you really think I could come in on my day off and stand around forever waiting on you to get your ass over there to see what I want; and then not make you pay for it later?

That's about all really.Not a whole lot to bitch about,yet still enough to make me want to scream.


Annette said...

Why is it that men think we're psychic?

I husband tonight yelled at me from upstairs asking where the damn tv remote was. I walk up there and locate it ON THE BED that he was laying in.

I asked him why he didn't just look for it rather than ask me. He told me he did look for it and I lost it an said "where? up your ass?"

He's not speaking to me now. LOL

Thanks for playing along! :D

Hollowsins said... kill me I swear