Saturday, October 16, 2010

Save Lives With Cord Blood and Cryo-Cell

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Whether you're expecting or just gathering information for the future,Cord Blood Banking is something you should know about.U-Cord blood stem cells are known to treat over 75 diseases, and have been used in over 12,000 transplants worldwide.There is no replacement for the benefits that can be gained from this simple procedure.While you or your family may never need the services,what if you did and didn't have it available?

Modern medicine has helped to save many lives,but in order to make the right decisions,we need to be properly informed of the risks and benefits of our actions.Some important questions and points to consider are-

> Cord blood stem cells are easily extracted, resulting in no risk or pain for the mother or baby. Alternatively, bone marrow collection is an invasive procedure and requires general anesthesia with its inherent risks

> Often, matched stem cells, which are necessary for transplant, are difficult to obtain due to strict matching requirements. But cells taken from your newborn are a perfect match for your baby for his or her lifetime

>While saving your child's U-Cord stem cells is an investment, it still costs less than many families spend on their child's nursery. Plus, storage fees after the first year are less than $3/week,if you donate them to a public bank,they may not be there if you need them.
Cryo-Cell is leading the industry in quality,with more quality accreditations than any private cord blood bank.Cryo-Cell is FDA certified and up to 31% less expensive then other similar companies.With their Innovative Stem Cell Solutions,Protect Baby/Protect Mom Exclusive Combination Service and $50,000 Guarantee, it's no wonder they are a top choice in the important task of saving lives through cord blood banking.Established in 1989,Cryo-Cell is a trusted and recognized name,someone you can feel safe with.

This is a sponsored post.The included information is taken from the site,while the opinions are my own.

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