Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas with CSN

Have you started your holiday shopping yet this year? I have found that if I don't start early,I am rushing around a week before Christmas trying to get everyone covered.I usually always start with the kids and go from there.Each year it seems there are more and more people to buy for,someone gets married,has a baby etc and the list just keeps growing.One place that helps me keep a handle on my shopping and spending is CSN Stores.

With over 200 stores to browse,I can literally spend hours looking for the perfect gift for anyone on my list.I was having such a hard time trying to figure out what to get my newest niece this year until I came across their  fabulous collection of Jo Jo Designs baby outfits.They have a nice selection in a variety of colors and designs.I was only looking for a simple dress or cool weather outfit and instead I found about 20 that I would love to get for her.My first choice is the 2 Piece Bandana Hanky Leggings Outfit.I love the pink and black color combination and the fact that this can be worn as either a 2 piece outfit or a dress without the bottoms.Made of 100 % cotton,it is safe for baby to wear and comfy too.

At CSN the shopping is easy,the selection is huge and the prices can't be beat.I know I will be looking there for many more gifts for this holiday season and I suggest you go there as well.With a little time and the easy navigation at CSN,I bet you can check off more than a few items on your list.

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