Monday, October 18, 2010

Drama Free and Loving It

I hate drama!
I hate he said/she said/they said blah blahblah.
I hate people that cause drama for no real reason other then boredom or ignorance.
I try to avoid other peoples' drama at all costs and if I can help it,I avoid having my own as well.I like to come home from work at least semi-happy and not have an hour of "I hate work complaints" ahead of me (my husband likes this too).

I have found that by staying clear of nonsense when possible and not getting involved,I am much more at peace with myself. I have less headaches,less stress and at 30, no worry lines in sight..woo-hoo! I don't see how people have the energy or desire to be in the center of  the drama circle all the time.Who needs that? With kids,life,home and work,I barely have time to think,let alone care about anyone else.

DRAMA=stress,worry,anger,annoyance,irritation,etc...BLAH NO THANKS!

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Brandi said...

This post caught my eye! I'd love to be drama free, but it seems impossible! Congratulations to you for achieving it...I'm jealous!

Since I am pregnant, have young onset Parkinson's disease, work full-time, and have two kids of my own, I seem to have enough drama on my own! Add to that a step-daughter, an ex-spouse who left me with lots of debt, and my husband's ex-wife who is just pure nonsense and constant drama all the time and we seem to be drowning in drama around here! And then I have my 10 siblings and my parents are constantly feuding over something ridiculous and it's just insane! We avoid what we can and stay out of as much as we can but we still seem to have more drama than we want.